So long, farewell

Well, the countdown banner tells me that I have 15 days left to use cloud storage free.
I bought my system because of the free storage and I’m not buying into storage for $100/year. I know Amazon ain’t gonna miss me and it’s a shame because until now Blink did all I wanted.
Guess I’m getting a bunch of expensive motion sensors soon.
Playing around with Wyze and though it does have some limitations, mostly shorter video clips.
We’ll see what happens.
It’s been fun.

Before you jump ship from a system that does all you want, why don’t you wait and see how the local storage pans out?

Obviously there are many teething problems right now, but I’m sure they will smooth those out fairly quickly.

It’s meant to be fairly seamless. Right now, it would appear it isn’t, but maybe it will be, once they sort things out.

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Both brands are toys. Use some here and others there. Blink local storage was and still is the alternative to cloud storage. Blink has historically stumbled through new product releases. Local storage is yet another one.

This time around there’s to much chatter about it. So how do you fix that? Shut this forum down and send an invite to Amazon forum. That’s the Farwell for me.

I’ve enjoyed participating in this forum and getting to know people. It’s always seemed like a small family to me. I even trade private messages with some of the older members. That being said, when this version of the forum is shut down I’ll be gone too. The Amazon forum is too busy, impersonal and includes all different brands. I’m not going to wade thru all that crap just to find the Blink posts. Too bad.


I was told about migrating the forum by support a couple of weeks back, and they said there would be full participation again by Blink staff, and moderation, but also implying that it would somehow remain discreet from the rest.

If it isn’t, I will be gone too. If it’s easy to subdivide it into the Blink only category, I may hang around, if it isn’t, I will be gone too, in that regard. I will however continue to use the product, because it exactly meets my needs, is cheap, and subscription free, if grandfathered in, which I am.

Never even looked at the Amazon forum, so I really couldn’t say.


Ok, I’ll admit ignorance here.
Local storage depends on just using a thumb drive?
Clips are viewable RIGHT after recording ends without having to pull the drive?
(My two main requirements)
I have xt2 cams, does that mean I have sync 2 module?

For $40 you get what you pay for.

Richard, your trial may have expired, but that only means if you buy any of the new subscription cameras, you will not get any cloud storage for them. As your system stands, with two XT2 cameras, you will retain free cloud storage for life.

All the reading material is crystal clear, all XT2 cameras, are allocated their own cloud storage, for life. As long as they keep working, and or you can get more XT2 cameras, used or otherwise, then you will be fine. If you go used, for XT2, be sure to confirm that they have been de-registered first, by the seller, which I’m sure you know.

Ok, this makes info I haven’t shared make sense.
I got a indoor mini FIRST but it didn’t fit my needs. THEN I got the XT2 cams. My son in law got just a XT2 set up shortly after me and never got the countdown banner. So, because of the indoor I get the countdown and he dosen’t.
If true that I keep storage now I can cover an area I’ve wanted to but not got around to.
Even the Wyze 14 day limitation works for me as anything important gets exported.

If you use their subscription service be prepared for a bazillion notifications. And if you turn off notifications you still have tons of clips.

I live on somewhat of a quiet residential street and I still had 50 car clips between 7AM and noon. Of course at night I get tons of clips from headlights and their reflections. Cars also trigger the Ring cams across the street and when their ring lights come so does my cam.

Did you notice yes or no if activity zones was able to ACCURATLY filter out headlights, spotlights, etc. from your grayed out activity areas? For me it’s a no but all I have is the old original XT generation 1 outdoor cams.

As I recall local storage is only supported on the NEWEST cameras that being mini indoor and the new outdoor. Read this.

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My free trial hit zero today and I still have all the functions I need on my XT2 equipment.
The mini-indoors no so much, but that’s minor.
Guess I’ll stick around for a while.

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If you still want a place where people can speak their minds, there is a descent size subreddit on reddit

Let us know if that is still true in a couple weeks. Seems like Amazon/Blink takes time to match server status/account status/reality with what happens in the mobile app.

I can do that.

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Just an update.
All the xt2 recording just fine.