"Snoozing" the cameras

So, i have a camera pointed down my driveway. Normally the camera catches the family getting in and out of the vehicle, which is fine. That doesnt cause my phone to go berserk with notifications or cause high usage of the camera. Occasionally I’ll work on a car or another project out in the driveway, which continuously triggers the camera. I’m probably like everyone else and disarms the system to prevent this over usage. But the trouble is I’m forgetful and ill forget to rearm the system when im finished in the driveway.
The issue that i would like to prevent is the forgetting to rearm the system.

Therefore, i propose that Blink add a function that allows you to disarm a camera for a set time (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr)


Welcome to the forums! This topic has been discussed many times in the forum. I suggest you do a forum search on the subject and you will find all the info you could possibly want! LOL It is a great idea I’d like to see implemented myself.

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Don’t turn entire system off. Rather leave it on and just turn off the one driveway camera via the little running man icon.

Yes you still have to remember to manually turn it back on. An easy way to do this is leave the Blink app running on your mobile device. When you turn that mobile device back on, that’s your reminder to turn that one camera back on.

For you really forgetful people, use a paper sticky note!


Can’t argue that it’s a good idea, and Ron is correct, it has been requested many times, so many other people think so too. I think the only existing solution that I’ve seen proposed is to put many arm only events in your scheduler. Once every two hours, for example, every day, and that way, even if you were out there for three hours, you’d should only have to disarm it one more time, and the worst case is that it would be armed again in a maximum of two hours after you quit. Probably somewhat less.

Not suitable for all, and certainly a better solution would be the proposed timed disarm, but in its absence, at least it’s better than forgetting and leaving it disarmed, possibly for days, who knows?

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I would also like to have this feature. When I’m outside doing yard work it would be nice to start a timed delay to automatically arm the camera. If Blink decides to add this feature it should be easily accessible from the main screen. I suggest an icon next to the running man, maybe of a sleeping man, or maybe a clock with “z’s” on it. Clicking it could open a simple menu with preset times on it as suggessted above, or a dial where the user can spin to select the delay time where the resume time is also shown.

The “Shush!” Android app has a good interface for this. I don’t see the app on the Play store anymore but here is a link showing the UI: Shush! review or download link

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