Snooze or Sleep Mode

A Snooze that allows the user to enable to snooze or temporary hold the recording and alert for a specific time like 30 minutes, 1, 2 or 4 hour like the Ring app beside the disarm function that would be great. Because when it is disarmed, it often forget to re-arm it. TIA.

There are a lot of very long threads requesting this, for years, and still nothing. I doubt it’s coming anytime soon.

My only suggestion is to schedule an arm, for each sync module, just after you normally go to bed. That way, worst case, at least you will be covered overnight. That’s what I do. Actually, I have an arm at 7PM, and one at midnight, because sometimes I go out during the evening, disarm them, and like you, forget. 7 covers the evening, and midnight covers if I further disarm during the evening.

Poor work around, for what would be an excellent feature, but better than forgetting, maybe for days on end, or waiting for something that will likely never come.


Thank you for your reply. That is what I just figured it out and doing the same by creating a schedule for arm/disarm.

The problem with that solution Sutty is that I usually disable a single camera and do not disarm the whole system. Like if I am doing some thing in the driveway. It won’t matter if you do a re-arm at say 10pm because the little blue guy was disarmed manually. Ugh !!!

I guess I should disarm multiple cameras and not touch the blue guy :rofl:

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Yep, that’s a problem, but, if you’re on a single cam sync module, or if you can live with disarming multiple cameras, for a single camera location, then leaving the blue man alone will do the trick. I’m lucky in the sense that my house is impossible to cover with a single sync module, so every camera I own has its own sync module, at least at home.

I have another site, where everything is closer together, and I have four cameras on a single sync module. In that case it would not be appropriate to leave any of them on if I were on site, so again disarming the module works, for which I was using Life360 and IFTTT, which worked perfectly. Life360 support is now withdrawn from IFTTT, so I’m back to trying their inbuilt geolocation. I’ve yet to visit the site, but will be visiting the site weekly from spring onwards. I hope it works better than it used to.

As it happens, there are scripts to disable/enable motion for a single camera, so with not too much messing around, if you have an always on PC, you can create a task to run the script, at those suggested times, or whatever times suit you.

Best solution, by far, would be support for a snooze function, as requested in this thread, but alas, it doesn’t seem likely, considering how long it’s been being requested.