Snapping XT2 to mount

I find trying to return an XT2 to it’s mount very frustrating. It never just clicks in without having to wrestle with it first. Has anyone come up with a technique to make this process less frustrating?


On thumb on each side of the front of the camera, and an index and middle finger on each side of the back of the camera (think pinching crab claw). I use my thumbs to push and my fingers to lightly hold the back of the mount and guide. No problems.

I’ve been doing that too. Rarely had any difficulty, but I suppose if you don’t have strong fingers, I could see it being an issue. I had an XT mounted inside a box, up a tree, which I was swapping out for an XT2 yesterday, so I can take advantage of recordings on demand. That gave me a devil of a job, not least because I was also up a ladder, and over a river, but I managed in the end, and heard that satisfying click. Wasn’t keen on taking both hands off the top of the ladder, but in the end decided I had no choice, and managed to ‘wrestle’ it in, as you described. I couldn’t even get the old one out without getting two hands to it, so that decision had already been made, in retrospect.

Not funny if it’s your issue, but slightly comical in that we read many community reports of, ‘barely fastens on’ or ‘would drop off in a stiff breeze’ etc. Your experience is more like mine, in that it takes a fair old shove to get them in.


Since I posted this I moved my camera from an overhead position to eye-level as it’s by a door and I wanted to see faces and not the tops of heads. With the camera in the lower position the method you suggest works but when it’s over-head and at an angle it is very difficult.

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Blink illustration for ideal camera location. This will show face instead of top of head.

I could not snap it in for the life of me. Ended up using the old blink mount.

I practiced with the mount uninstalled, so I could see what was going on, and how best to grip everything.

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Cannot get the cameras to snap into the mounting bracket, even sitting at my desk and pushing extremely hard on them . This makes the cameras useless. Any suggestions.

More gym time! :grin: Seriously, press harder and it will work.

80-year old arthritic hands here. And I figured out how to make it work for me after being extremely frustrated. Rather than pushing straight down I tipped one side in and then pushed in the other side with the camera laying face down on a foam mouse pad. Good luck!

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Here’s what just worked for me. I put the camera face down on some newspapers on a table. I put the mount into the hole on the camera back as tightly as I could. Holding the mount in postion with one hand, I gave the back of the mount a good bang with the palm of my other hand. Done! Hope it works for you too.

It has been the absolute most difficult basic assembly I have ever encountered. Popping the mount off is a BREEEZE. Getting it back on???… I had to turn on music, gather myself and really put some “angry strength” effort into it. I followed some others’ advice by laying flat on its face, and used the ball swivel mount piece (in my case of version/product) to push down and click it back into place. The amount of pressure I had to put on the camera I would’ve never thought I had to. I was fearful of risking damage to the camera, that’s how hard I had to push down. They are better off designing a slip and twist lock because this ONE part of assembly was atrocious.