Snap Mount for New Outdoor Too Big

just received the new outdoor camera and the snap mount does not fit the camera. too big. i have tried some older xt2 mounts…too big as well. blink min mounts work, but i need it for my mini, plus they are white and camera is black

You have the mounts for an indoor camera. All outdoor cameras and mounts are black only.

Post a picture of what you have, camera and mount, and someone will confirm if that’s the issue. Old XT2 mounts fit the new outdoor, I’ve used them.

Mine is also too big. How do I get the proper mount?

Proper operation ALWAYS starts with reading the manual.

From the manual… Extra mounts and other accessories are easily found at

No go order the parts. So easy Mom can do it.

DISCLAIMER - This round snap mount does not fit the mini indoor. Go to Amazon and type in Blink mini indoor camera mount. Plenty of choices available.

I just got the new Blink Outdoor. This is what was in the box. the mount connection (circle) is a bit too big to connect to the camera

Those two identical components fit together for me. Is either malformed in any way? Maybe a little flash, or similar, that could be carefully removed?

If not, push harder, whilst down and in your hands, to confirm it can be done. Do it two or three times to loosen it off before finally fixing it up.

I struggled with that, too, until I found the three other pieces hidden in the 3-pack box. They snap onto the mounts in your photos, and THEN they will snap onto the cameras.