SLOW detect to start recording

Does anyone know how to change the detection-to-start time?

The camera detected the motion(s),
BUT the recorded video(s) are seconds after the initial motion.

Test case 1:
I walked by the camera (from left to right), the recorded video was 6 steps behind. It recorded my picture on the right edge of the video - too late. Evidence is gone

Test case 2: street view camera
Car drove by SLOWLY, it detected the motion, but, the video did not show the car at all. The car has gone passed the video capture


That’s not something that’s configurable.

Presumably the camera wakes up and starts recording as fast as it can.

I haven’t tried any other battery powered camera systems, but from what I’ve read, delays are no better than with blink (or worse).

The lens motion detection circuitry is just the gate to trigger the recording. It should be instantaneous.

Now, I can see the slow start can happen if

  1. No memory buffer in the satellite module
  2. It needs to communicate with the sync module, and also to the CLOUD storage to start the uploading processes
    In which cases, the 3-5 seconds delay is introduced
    By trying to meet the 2-AA two-year battery life, most circuitry are in sleep mode,
  3. Then the “wake-up” time will play a factor

I hope my diagnostic thoughts are wrong. Because I really like the Blink XT, but just can’t miss my recording

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I thought, maybe, the wifi signal strength may play a role. I put the camera and sync right next to my wireless router. Same thing, the 3-5 seconds delay is still there

Thanks Mark. I am waiting for Blink to respond to my posts. Hope they have answers

I think this has a lot to do with it. Since before they were even on Kickstarter, Immedia has really hyped the low power nature of their chip.

But as I said, I think this is an issue to some extent with all battery powered cameras, even the ones that don’t claim to last as long as Blink before needing battery charging/replacement.

I haven’t heard of any other cameras powered by batteries that record instantaneously. Have you?

I haven’t done any research. I bought the Blink out of coincident :slight_smile:
But even now, I don’t hear/see much talk about slow start on any brand
Most people talk about quality, range, and video length

I have wired security camera. Amazon package was stolen.
Showed the cop the face, body, action from all angles.
Cop said unless you have the car’s license plate, there is nothing I can do.
Hence I bought the Blink and put it on street tree to catch any as needed.
But it turned out, Blink missed everything. Car is gone and out of reach

How far away is the tree you mounted your camera on?

You can check the camera’s signal strength in the camera settings page in the app. It needs a good connection to both WiFi access point and sync module.

The sync module also has a signal strength meter you can check in the app too, since it has its own connection to your WiFi.

If any of those connections aren’t strong enough, that can cause all kinds of problematic behavior, probably including a delay in recording start time.

Hi Mark,
I have tested it within 5-feet of the sync and wifi-router. So there is no signal lost or and distant issue.
It is just the delay of slow recording start time after detection

And yes, I talked to my friends who has the Netgear ARLO. Same issue with these so called cloud storage.
I would love to get a Blink module if micro-usb storage if there is such a thing.
I don’t mind replacing batteries even monthly - I use all NiMH rechargeable anyway, no cost (really)

Good to rule out the distance as an issue.

I’m not sure whether it really matters, but they recommend using only (non-rechargeable) lithium batteries. I assume it’s mainly because of their battery life claims.

But it’s possible that using NiMH batteries could lead to unexpected behavior with the cameras. Like, taking longer to wake up and start recording.

Have you also used lithium batteries with your system?

Hi Mark.

I used regular batteries (Energizers) for those clips.
The batteries are already low in just TWO WEEKS of usage. Not months. I don’t know how it can last for 2 yrs. it doesn’t matter for me. I will use NiMH anyway.

AND … you are right, NiMH are not working well.
I just changed, and the module still shows as low. Oh man, with this, I can’t be able to sustain if I have to ONLY use reg. batteries. I will go broke


Why would it not be 5g capable? Mine is still sitting in the box for a week. Plan to open it and set up this weekend. I don’t expect much, but interested. Wireless cams are not the same as wired. You would think they would be by now, but.

Pay more for a game camera than a 2 cam blink. If Isee movement were it’s located, That;s all I need.

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Hi Mike, if that’s what you need. The blink is good.
Here are some of my experiences and findings

  • setup is a breeze. In literally, 10 mins, you are done setting up with all three cams. Download the app on your iphone, get the NNN-XXX-YYY code numbers from each devices (as you need to open to install the batteries anyway). Follow the app instructions, and you are done

  • setup the cameras. If you are as picky as I am (meaning want to record everything that moves), Setup each camera with “Retrigger=10s” “Sensitivity=8” “Duration=60s” and Stop recording when no movement.

About 5G? It doesn’t support. But for 2.4G it is already plenty of bandwidth

Good luck

Hi. I’ve just discovered the same problem. My Blink unit was using batteries at a rate of 2 every 2 weeks so I purchased the Energizer extreme rechargeable batteries. The Blink still indicates low battery power AND it doesn’t detect as well or as quick as it used to. I cannot believe that the Blink is THAT sensitive to the type of battery used. If I’d have known this and the number of batteries it used I’d have NEVER purchased it… stuck now and costing a fortune in batteries grrrrr

Hi @Garfy62,

Unless you are just using your cameras 24/7, the batteries should not be draining this fast. This could indicate an issue with the batteries or cameras(s). Please submit a support ticket or our team can look into this further. Also, please DO NOT use rechargeable batteries. Our cameras are only designed to use lithium AA batteries. @Bob_at_Blink

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Hi. The Blink XT appears to have a mind of its own… there are occasions when instead of the 20 sec recording it’s set for it (on playback) zooms along for only 1, 2 or 3 seconds… one after the other. It sometimes doesn’t record the audio either… but then the next time it’s activated it’s fine. I’ve tried resetting it but repeats the issue stated many days later. Could this be draining the batteries? I’ve also tried changing the sensitivity

By the way, I use Energizer Ultimate lithium AA’s… do the best on the market… and it’s costing me s fortune. Would be really good if the Blink could be designed to use rechargeable batteries… Energizer Recharge Extreme for example. This would help drive down running costs and be a positive. Thanks

Hi @Garfy62,

As I mentioned, I think it would be best for you to submit a support ticket or call our team at (781) 332-5465, so they can take a deeper look at the issues you are having. Keep me posted!

Okey dokey. Will do.
PS. I’m also concerned that the batteries that I purchased off Amazon might be fake… 2 sets of 2 have only lasted a Mayer if days each in the internal blink unit. I’ve just purchased 4 from Sainsbury’s to see if they perform better… if not then the unit is at fault for sure and needs replacing I think. Cheers

Hey @Garfy62,

Could you share the link to the batteries? If this does occur with other batteries than it could be the camera.