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Suggested topic would cover "Why did you buy your Blink system? What features of the system have helped your life? What new proposed features would make your system better? " And so on----

Example- my own short story:
I have used two CCD bullet camera/DVR system for decades surrounding my house in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Central Coast California. The neighborhoods surrounding my house have many houses that are vacant during each day, and some are used as vacation homes that are vacant most of each year. This situation attracts thieves, and my older surveillance systems have worked pretty well to keep burglars away (with warning signs and obviously real cameras). But those old style camera/DVR systems have inherent problems. So far, Blink does not have those problems.

I broke my left knee helping a neighbor in our mountains fight a fire in his back yard in October 2016. Was confined to a wheelchair with no allowed weight bearing on the injured leg for four months (from October '16). The flooding rains of Winter 2016-2017 in California (and elsewhere) are now infamous). We experience non-stop disasters through the winter. The two-lane mountain road in front of my house collapsed, leaving only one lane for two-way traffic. Two 60-70 foot tall trees died of root rot and fell onto my house and onto my car. While all of this was happening, I could only learn about each episode from my wife and from visiting friends-- could not see the outside disasters because my old DVR hard drive had stopped working. While confined to the wheelchair and needing a “walker” to hop around the house, I never knew where my wife or pets were around the house.

I first learned about “Blink” when the inside-only system was being given away on a daytime TV talk show. I looked up the web site and bought a five camera system. Could not walk or stand, so could not install the system yet. Then I got an email regarding the as-yet in development XT outdoor cameras. I ordered three of the XT cameras and waited for them to be available for shipment.

I finally regained the ability to stand and walk (still under development) and was able to climb ladders and install all cameras. I was so impressed with the XT camera performance that I ordered two more- waiting now for delivery. Just today, I received the email concerning using more than one Sync Unit to separate my system into “zones”, so I ordered a second Sync Module to be able to isolate indoor cameras from the outdoor ones.

Overall, the design and performance of the Blink products has been fantastic, and new features are being added as time goes by. Customer service from this company has been absolutely first rate. I am extremely pleased with product performance and customer service.

I congratulate the Blink designers and marketers for offering such great (and continually improving) products. As a retired manufacturing engineer, I greatly appreciate the thought and care that have produced this product line.

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Hi Forum people,
I wanted to add to my original Blink Story another use for my growing camera collection. I now own ten cameras- 5 inside and 5 outside. One of the outside XT cameras is mounted to the frame of a sliding window that can easily be moved whenever necessary to cover multiple view angles.

For 30 years I have lived with a “neighbors from hell” situation with two boys who would tease our Wolf Hybrid very large dogs by pointing “Super Soaker” water guns through the fence between our two properties, and the boys would also fire arrows with a bow and shoot BB gun projectiles at all of the surrounding properties. This was the reason for my acquisition and installation of my first “QSEE” brand CCD bullet camera and DVR array. The boys have grown up and rarely come to the house behind mine, but during many years of conflict with them and their parents, my dogs were always afraid to spend any time in their own yard.

So now the delinquents are gone and their bully of a father is now divorced. But now, the divorced wife/mother still occasionally stays in the house, and there has been a property line dispute involving illegal, un-permitted by our county building being done on the property line. I have shot 8 months-worth of videos and still photos to give evidence of this activity to our County Planning Department- the people who issue building permits, make inspections to prevent unsafe construction, and prevent damage to surrounding properties by un-permitted, un-inspected grade changes to the ground during building activities.

Whenever new building begins again with more unstable fences being put up, I want to know about it immediately. All I have to do is rotate the XT camera that covers the East/West length of my back yard 90 degrees to cover the remaining gap of un-fenced property line along the Northern line of my property. So far, my complaints to our County officials concerning flooding that is being caused b the neighbor’s grading changes and the total lack of building permits have brought this woman fines of $6000., and forced inspections of all future construction

Oh, by the way, the reason for the beginning of this nightmare was the installation of an in-ground Doughboy swimming pool. They bulldozed unstable dirt and rocks to make an artificial mountain, dug a depression at the top, and put a plastic pool in the depression, then made a concrete walkway surrounding the pool. The surface of the water in the pool is eight feet above the ground level of my back yard. We are located about ten miles from the epicenter of the infamous 1989 “Loma Prieta” earthquake that brought down highways and bridges in the San Francisco Bay area. What would be the effect of a pool on unstable dirt with 1000+ gallons of water in even a mild earthquake? If one of those occurs and I don’t drown in my own living room, I might be able to tell you in the future.

So, self defense is an excellent reason for home owners to install video surveillance.

Sorry for the “book”.
Dave (Manxman)