Sharing management

It would be helpful to allow sharing cameras with another blink account and be able to choose level of authority such as view only, view & save or email clips, and admin level for allowing setup changes. That would be 3 check boxes.

Customerservice have asked for various versions of account sharing. They’ve been asking for years and Blink provided nothing for this. Why?

I suspect it has to do with the mobile app licensing rights. Realize you the customer do not own the software. Rather you’re only licensed to be a user of the software.

There is no licensing of multiple users on one account. You can give your user name and password to others. But it’s still just one accounr.

Changing license terms in software as well as how that affects patents may very well be the problem.

You don’t have multiple user’s on the same account when sharing - each user has their own account.

The app & user account could be just for accepting shares with the option to add your own cameras.