Sharing Cloud Storage Videos

I just got my new Blink XT2 cam installed & up & running with no trouble whatsoever. Question is (as I attempt to capture & record criminal activity on my patio): How can I share videos stored on the cloud with the police??

Thanx in advance.

Disregard my last. I got it figured out. Thanx.

I assume that you mean that they can be downloaded to your photo gallery. However, keep in mind that you will not have a time stamp. Therefore retain the cloud version on your device as it shows the day and time of the incident. There are a lot of requests in this forum asking how to retrieve deleted cloud photos.

Can you please share how you did it? I am trying to figure it out and haven’t yet.

I cannot text a 30 second clip to anyone! Newer IPhone, just grinds away and says message failed? SMS and MMS? Very annoying.

known issue with iphones and the blink videos. Works fine on droids. Something to do with the way blink ends videos, that apples dont like. If you edit the video on your phone and make it 29 seconds, it will send. If you download a different chat program as a test, you will see it will send. Its a known bug with Blink and iphones chat program.

When you watch a video clip, the screen will have a little download symbol for you to download the video. My downloads go to my movies storage on my phone. From there you should be able to share the clip.