Setting Up Temperature Alerts

This article will show you how to enable Temperature Alerts and calibrate the thermometer of the camera.

  1. To enable Temperature Alerts, tap the settings icon (this is the slider icon located above your cameras thumbnail picture on the main screen). Temperature Alerts are set up on a camera by camera basis.

  2. Under the Monitoring section, Tap where you see “Temperature BETA”.

  3. You will now be at the Temperature screen for that camera. Tap the toggle next to “Enable Temperature Alert” to turn on alerts.

  1. Set your desired temperature thresholds and you’re done! You’ll want to repeat this process for any other cameras that you wish to receive Temperature Alerts from.

Calibrating your camera’s thermometer:
You’ll also notice the section called “Calibrate” on this screen. If you find that your camera’s temperature reading isn’t accurate, you can use this to calibrate it. To do this, place your camera near a thermometer and leave the camera there for at least 15 minutes. After that, adjust the camera’s temperature to match your thermometer by tapping the plus or minus icons.