Set wifi per camera instead of per sync module


As I see there is a big limitation in the system because we can not set the WIFI for the camera only for the sync module and I guess the sync module shares this connection with the cameras.
Unfortunately in my case and I think Iā€™m not alone :slight_smile: For the well-covered WIFI signal I need to use at least 2 SSIDs.
But now I can not choose the best for the cameras.

Could you please change this in the future?


  1. Individual WIFI settings for each camera
  2. Add more than 1 WIFI to the sync module and the camera could choose the better one.
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The experts here will chime in, but I understand that the connection between the sync and camera is not WiFi (not sure if you were implying that). Both camera and sync do need a good WiFi signal,

FWIW, I have great coverage with one router and and one $15 repeater.

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