Serial Camera Triggering Feature

This is a great idea, if I do say so myself…Develop a serial trigger feature.

Many people would like to place their camera(s) inside a window facing out, but the Blink XT2 will not trigger though glass. A selectable “serial triggering” feature would help.

I have two cameras outdoors, one of which faces the front door. There’s also a small window adjacent to the front door. Ideal for camera placement, but it won’t trigger through the glass.

If Blink could program a bi-directional serial trigger feature so that you could select one camera to trigger another camera on the system to start recording, it would be awesome. Sure there’s gonna be a little delay, but the camera behind the window pane could capture video from an angle the others can’t.

Look into the ultra affordable new mini indoor camera. That model can shoot through glass for motion detection.

On sale at prime.
$25 I think.