Sensitivity Silliness

I have been getting repeated alerts with my Blink XT with no motion anywhere in the frame. After reading some of the community comments, I increased my retrigger time and moved the camera around my house (it’s an inside camera). I have been playing with sensitivity and have put it at 1 and 9, with the same results. I’m guessing 1 is low sensitivity and 9 is high sensitivity. Does anyone have any ideas???

Hi @IAM8675309,

Sorry you are having trouble, I am happy to help! Would you be able to share an example clip of your camera recording when there is no motion? You just need to upload to youtube and share the link here. And you are correct that 1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest.

Thanks Blinkman!

Don’t judge, I’m in the middle of moving.

Thanks for sharing. From looking at the video I certainly can’t see anything move, but I am wondering if it could be the heat from the window, a shadow, or a bug that went out of view when the recording started. Do you notice this at specific times of the day or does it seem to happen sporadically? If this seems to be happening consistently with different devices, in different locations it may just be easier to contact support directly through a support ticket or calling us at (781) 332-5465.

The only thing left to try is improving the wifi strength. I’ll try that. But to answer your questions, it does it constantly - takes a vid, then retriggers, then takes another vid etc etc. I have one other camera, but haven’t unboxed it (waiting to move into new place). I certainly can fire it up.

At my new house, it will be outside under a covered porch. Will heat affect it then?

It would certainly be helpful to see if your other camera is having the same motion events in the same areas. To address your question, heat in general doesn’t cause motion events, it’s just concentrated heat sources. Based on the video you shared, it seemed like this could be the case for your window where a lot of light seems to be coming in. You could also try moving your window from out of view and see if these motion events still occur.

Thanks Blinkman! I’ll get back to you tomorrow with a report. Thanks for your ideas!

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Well, I’m back, and moved the camera yesterday to eliminate any window interference. I also moved the router closer and higher, all with no luck. I didn’t have a chance to try my 2nd camera. That will be tonight’s project. Here is a vid from this morning.

Thanks for the update! Are these recordings consistently happening at the same time each day?

Yeppers.Wait, check that…it happens during the day and night. I can arm it later this afternoon and it will do it. I don’t arm it until the dog comes upstairs at night, but it still does it.

Does the motion detection work on what the cam sees or what the sensor sees? Could it be possible the range of the sensor is wider than the camera?

I have mine mounted on my back door. I have a chair under it and when I sit in there, I’m just slightly off camera but it triggers the whole time I’m there. It could be the smoke triggering it but it seems to happen even when I’m not smoking.

The motion detect works on what the sensor sees. I believe the sensor “sees” more area than the lens.

I have noticed sound also will pickup if no motion. Does anyone else have that issue?

Sound shouldn’t be triggering recording. The camera’s just not designed to work that way.

It could be that whatever caused a sound also changed the temperature/heat signature in front of the sensor and caused it to trigger? Or just a coincidence.

I didn’t think so but I had alerts at least every 2 min for over 2 hours and at the same sensitivity with the sound disabled it sent alert only a few times the next night in the same environment.

Just out of curiosity has anyone tested this in a controlled environment?

Below are some images before this morning with the questions above. The ones that say Yesterday are the same sensitivity with the sound turned off.

HI @Brian_Osborn_Jr,

Sound itself definitely cannot trigger a motion event. If you would like to share a clip perhaps we can determine what is triggering the motion detection. If this becomes too big of an issue I would recommend contacting support directly for more detailed assistance!

Thanks @nick_at_blink and @marktheknife it was more of curiosity than anything not really an issue. We install other Cameras that are able to detect sound and trigger it so Just wanted to be sure. I will look into it a little more.