Selling Blink XT2 Do I need to deactivate?

I have an extra outdoor camera I want to give to my cousin who already has a system and needs an extra camera. Do i need to do anything so it can sync to his module?

Welcome to the forums! You need to remove it from your sync module.

thank you!

How do I do that?

Go into the camera settings. Scroll right down to the bottom, and just under where it says ‘Firmware’ you will see a great big ‘Delete Camera’ button, in red.

What sutty said!

Just deleting the camera allows anyone to sync it to a new module? I thought there was more to it than that.
Hope it works. Thanks guys

If that doesn’t work, read the link I provided.
Pay attention to the difference between account, system, camera, and sync module.
Delete just a camera from a sync module (aka system) should do the trick however. I would also guess it takes time before the new user can add that deleted camera to their sync module. How much time, I don’t know but Blinks database on hardware registration would obviously need to be updated on their end.

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i would take a pic of the QR code inside the cam, in case you need it later, after you give it to your friend…

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Love Joel’s standard answer… Provide a link and tell them to read the manual. You are very consistent. People always take the path of least resistance :joy::man_shrugging:t2:

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That’s how people end up with kinda sorta works products in the first place. Blink price tag justifies that path. If the consumer paid 5-10 times that much and got this level of kind of sorta works performance, would they then react differently? HELL NO. Want evidence of this? Study the RV/Camper industry. 30-300 grand is typical price. I can’t think of a higher priced product with lowest overall quality industry wide. The exact same thing happens. Bad assumptions, not enough homework before they buy. However, just like these cheap Blink cameras, the homework/research happens after they buy when they are forced to do it to make an item work correctly.

Gotta give the OP Haz full credit for doing homework and realizing he has to deactivate his camera to allow the next person to use it. Way too many sellers and buyers of preowned Blink hardware that have no idea. Don’t get me started on Amazon dumping ground Woot. Those SOBs know damn well the used hardware cant be used if it is already registered. But they fail to tell the buyers that up front. They refund money but they count on path of least resistance buyers that wont go out of their way to get a refund on used equipment that can’t be reused. Amazon is profit whores. Nothing more, nothing less.

I read the instructions on the link 3 times.
The question is, if I delete the system to be safe, Can I reinstall or add the module I have with the camera I kept? Then the new user will be able to add the camera that I don’t want safely with no issues?