Schedule individual cameras

I’m sure this has been mentioned before, and back in 2017 it seems as if blink mentioned this as something in their future plans. Now 3 years later I am wondering if this is still planned or if there is a timeline for it.

Being able to schedule arm/disarm for individual cameras without needing to schedule the whole system that is.



3 years ago back in the kick starter days…most of those ideas and promises never came to fruition. 2020 wont be any different. In 2021 you can tell me I was wrong. It’s more likely that Blink app will get merged with Ring products and/or app. That little Ring Neighborhood icon should have been your clue.

Bumping because I REALLY need this feature. My issue may cross a few topics (all have/are being troubleshooted), but scheduling ea cam separately is best solution for this & other reasons.
I have 3 properties with these systems. Each one has 1-2 very busy cams. Being able to disarm/schedule those specific cams would save a lot of headaches. (1 is 4hr round trip; 2nd is not a safe place for me, but is an elderly parent, so…:triumph:).
1st set of batteries lasted about 2 wks at both loc in 1 cam. 2nd set lasted 3 days in 1 cam at 1 loc (purposefully triggered hrly :roll_eyes::triumph:). (Whether battery issue or cam issue is currently being tested for both loc).
Other cams in ea grp vary on general armed need. Some are high traffic areas for general family doings. I can’t always remember to enable/dis every time we go outside or at night/morn. So, being able to cfg ea cam separately for scheduling would be SO appreciated. :pray:
I look forward to a speedy reply.
Thank you.

If you have different systems at three locations, you must be fully familiar with how the app handles multiple sync modules.

On this basis, it would be a simple matter to put an additional sync module with the camera in question, so that you could schedule it individually. “Busy Cam Module”.

I doubt cost will be an issue, since you REALLY need the feature, and you already have a lot invested in Blink.

Waiting for Blink to implement this, is not really an option, unless you like waiting.