Saving Photos & Enlarging Picture?

How do you save captured images and is there a way to enlarge the picture?


Currently the only way to save a captured image is to take a screenshot.

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Like @egnj says for now take a screenshot and pinch outwards to enlarge and pinch inward to make small.

That’s disappointing. The image quality is pretty low.

Are you taking a screenshot of the full screen video on your phone?

Keep in mind that if you don’t pause and pick a frame carefully to take a screenshot of, you could end up with motion blur that makes your still image look really poor.

Just like I explained in this post Add video zoom capability to Android app, you can enlarge as big as you want on the PC with the NOX player app and than do a screen shot.


I didn’t know about this. It’s a work around. Not a solution, but a good one though.

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Seemslike the poor resolution and motion blur limits the quality/usefulness of enlarging screen shots