Saved video clips - module 2

Does anyone know the format of the filename thats save on USB? It doesn’t look like date/time.

I’m looking for a specific video and having trouble finding it.

Hold on, I am in a test phase only for this, so only have about 4 videos, all of which are still in my app clip roll, so I can compare.

Not gonna deploy it and rely on it until I know it actually works as described.

Okay, so it looks to me as though it is as follows:

Day of month-Hr-Mn-Sec_CameraName_SyncModuleNetworkID

With a number of caveats. Camera name may be serial number, because I haven’t renamed mine from S/N, which is automatically populated when added, so it could be S/N.

Time could be in GMT, because I am in GMT, so I can’t tell the difference, but I recall reading somewhere that it was the server time in UTC, which equals GMT.

And sync module network ID would take me a little time to verify, but all my clips end with the same reference, so it seems like it could well be. It’s certainly not the sync module’s friendly name, which in my case is Test.

But yes, your date and time is there, if a little hard to decipher.