Saved files

I just noticed that my saved clips are not actually saving to my phone. Until recently, all my clips when downloaded, saved into my camera roll. I just went back to watch some videos that I saved from the week of the 4th and they are not in my camera roll. I just saved one from today and I get the text at the bottom of my screen that it’s been saved on the movies folder, but when I go to my camera roll and the movies folder there is nothing there!

When you download them, the clip roll in the Blink app still shows them, unless you choose to delete them, or until they are auto deleted, when their time limit expires, or if you fill your allotted sever space, at which point the oldest are deleted first.

If it says it is saved then I’m sure it will be saved. You might need to download a file manager or file explorer type app to browse around your phone’s content to find them, if the location isn’t immediately obvious to you.

I get that they are in the blink roll, but I am downloading them from the blink roll to my phone. When I usually hit the download it puts the video from my blink roll to my camera roll on my phone, or at least it use to. Now when I download them, it says it’s moved it to my movie folder and if you click the “view” it just opens the video in a video player, not the folder it put the video in. When I search by (end of file name).mp4 (because it doesn’t show me all of the file name) it does not pull up.

It doesn’t say it has moved it. It says it has saved it. It will not be moved, it will be copied, and will now be in two places. Still in the Blink cloud, and now also on your phone.

When I choose open, it plays for me too, but if I touch the screen, whilst its playing, I see the whole path and file name. Might depend on OS and player, I suppose. I was using MX player, at this point. You will only need to find one to find them all I imagine.

If that doesn’t help, not sure what else to suggest. Contact support, and ask them to talk you through browsing to a downloaded movie, on your particular phone.

JW–Yes, support mentioned something about camera roll, but it didn’t really make sense because I haven’t seen the title anywhere.

Anyway, what you are doing is what I receive. I go to look at my clips, and if one is trash, I immediately send it to trash. Another option is to save which will give me a notification that the clip was saved in the movies folder.

To find the movies folder on a Moto G7 Power, go to Settings, Storage, and Files. Ignore the Movie and TV Apps, etc. In my case, I had to go to Files. Tap on Files. You may get a prompt how you want to open the folder. “Just Once” for a Google Files and Folders or whatever Google prompt you may get. Then you can go to Movies and all of the clips should be there.

I found that if I tap the icon on the left, I can select the clip; and I can go down the list and select all of the clips that way. After all of them are selected, I choose the share three dot triangle and send them all to my Desktop via Bluetooth. I guess one could send them to GDrive as well.

Once on the desktop, I select them all, drag them in to a simple video editor, merge them since they are all in order by day/time. Export to whatever mode.

Hope this helps!