Save Photo's without Screenshot

I’m looking at my list of camera’s and I have the video camera icon (live view) and the camera icon. The camera icon only takes a picture of what the camera sees right now but that picture doesn’t save to your clip roll. When I press the camera button I want the photo that is taken to be saved to my clip roll so that it can be downloaded/shared.


Hi @ggspanos,

I think that’s a really interesting idea. The way we currently have our app set up, only allows video clips to be saved in the clip roll rather than any sort of screen shot or image. I certainly see how saving images could be useful as well, but I am curious, what specific purpose would you like the image sharing for? My second question is, if this feature was implemented, would you want these images saved in a separate place from video clips or have everything stored together? I feel like it could get a little confusing if clips and images were saved in the same place, but I am curious what you think!


Hey Nick. Pressing the Camera button and seeing the “current” camera view pic within the app makes me think that it should also be saved.

I have 2 points

  1. I would like to be able to press the camera button, save photo to clip roll and give it a “camera” icon and give the video files a “filmstrip” icon next to the file/preview.
  2. I feel like sending the police a photo would be helpful in addition to the video, I would also like the blink to take a configurable number of photo’s upon motion detection and save to clip roll as mentioned in #1 above.

Thanks for explaining that @ggspanos! I like your idea of having a camera and filmstrip icons to distinguish between the two; I think that would work well. And I definitely see what you mean about being able to provide an image to police! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Also have them update so the static image is taken at full resolution and not as heavily compressed of a jpg.


Hi Nick- I would LOVE this feature.

I would especially love to be able to trigger photos based on motion triggers, or on a schedule. (IFTTT would be fine too.)

My use case is:
I want the camera in an area with lots of motion, and I would like a photo every minute. Right now my only option is to record 5 seconds of video every minute, but that is too much drain on the battery, and takes up too much storage space.

I would greatly appreciate this feature!

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Hi @mat,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I definitely think that’s an interesting idea, and could be very useful! Could you share more info on your use case please? Such as… are you referring to a front door area that records a lot of motion on the street? Or is this something else?

Hi Nick, Thanks for your quick reply!

To be honest, my use case is a bit unusual. I would like to put a Blink camera in an auto shop, and get a picture every minute of the day between 9am-5pm. I would use those photos to keep a history of what cars were being worked on at each point of the day, and how long each service took (+/- 2 minutes). (I would not need Blink to do any analysis of the photos, I would just keep them as a record.)

I actually purchased 3 Blink cameras for this use case, because I thought I could just record a 1-second video every time motion was detected. However, the 5-second minimum length makes it challenging to keep storage size low.

But I can also envision the use case you mentioned: I could put a camera by the steps of my apartment building, but there’s a lot of motion because it’s right by a busy sidewalk. In this case too, recording 5 seconds of video every time motion was detected would be too much.


Ooo I see, that is definitely a unique use case. I can definitely see the 5 second clips being problematic both for battery life and for storage space. I would recommend using wall power if possible or your batteries will drain very fast. When using 5 second clips, have you found that your clip roll fills up every day?

Hi Nick,
Thank you for the tip, I will definitely use wall power.

I just purchased the devices a few days ago, and I’m still testing them out, so I haven’t yet hit the storage limit. My best estimate is that I can record for 24 hours: 7200 seconds / (5 sec / minute) / (60 min / hour).

I understand that my use case seems pretty unique, but as you suggested, I think customers would appreciate a “photo” feature for other use cases too.

Anyway, thanks for your advice and quick responses, @nick_at_blink!


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Always happy to help @mat! Let me know if you have any other questions!

I too would like to save camera images, the suggested capabilities and formats make sense. Thanks in advance.

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Not sure if there was any update on this, but I have almost exactly the same use-case. Have a camera set up in a coffee shop and would benefit most from having one still saved every 1 minute so we have a record of employees on shift and general state of the store. Anything like this available yet?

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Hi @Jonathan_Divine,

At the moment, I do not have an update.

I was also suprised to find that stills weren’t saved when the photo icon was pressed.

They should either be marked by a different icon (camera vs filmstrip) or or in a different folder, doesn’t matter to me, though I would lean to a separate folder if possible.

The ability to fire off stills at regular intervals (1,2,5,10,15,30,60 minutes) would be great for evaluating how long workers are around, cars using the driveway, etc.

Please add these these features.



This thread seems to be dead considering it was brought up months ago and the technology for sending screenshots existed before doing video. This feature would definitely add versatility to this system and provide a much desired option over clips of video. Nothing wrong with that, however, the limited storage doesn’t provide practical use for video as it would if screenshots were an option

Is there more information on this? I’d like to use my dad’s blink cameras to track the growth of my science fair project.

Hey @norrillous,

Unfortunately, I do not have an update at this time. The best way to achieve this currently would like be to open live view every so often and take a screenshot there.

Ok thanks. It would be nice to schedule a shot every day and save it. From what I have read you’ve heard that a billion times or so.

My reason for wanting to save a still photo: for an indoor camera that’s looking through a window. Since motion detection doesn’t work in that situation, if I happened to take a picture of an intruder, I would have a record of it for the police. Can’t install an outdoor camera there. By the way, how do I take a screenshot anyway? I know how on a desktop, but not on my Android phone. Thanks.