Rotate camera for portrait recording

Hey team - new Blink XT and standard owner. My first camera installation went smoothly but I noticed the camera is super wide angle. My walkway where the camera is installed is fairly long and narrow and it would be ideal if the camera was rotated 90 degrees. It would pick up the entire walkway. As it stands now I get a lot of wall and not much walkway.

Any hope for camera orientation settings at some point?

(Did I miss it somewhere in the app settings?)


Can’t you just rotate your camera?

Of course, but when I did that, the image was roatated on my screen meaning I have to tilt my head to see it in the proper orientation. Maybe I did something wrong but the app/camera seems locked to a portrait orientation.

You did nothing wrong. Blink does not have the ability (yet) to rotate images.

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Hey @glecko,

That’s a cool idea; I hadn’t heard that suggestion before. Do you think you could post a screenshot to show what you mean? I’m not entirely sure what the implications are of developing this feature; whether it would require significant hardware changes, or just firmware fixes.

Thanks for sharing!


I’ll try …

First image is front door standard orientation (landscape). Second image is camera rotated and you can see how much more of the walkway is included.



(Descriptions reversed)

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Hey @glecko,

Thanks for posting those screenshots. I see what you mean… I can talk to the team and pass on your idea. Perhaps it’s not possible, but are there other spots you could experiment with placing the camera to potentially help get a better view?

I also have placed my camera in a vertical orientation in order to capture more of the area of interest. This is especially important for outdoor cameras where you want capture along the side of a house but also useful for indoors if you had a long hallway.

I don’t have examples of images where the camera is landscape orientation. During installation I ruled that option out. Clearly rotating the camera physically by 90° or 270° allowed me to view much more of the area of interest. But then the video is sideways when viewed and you have to turn your head sideways because rotating a device will rotate the video as well :frowning:

I would like the orientation set on the recorded videos so that video plays back with correct orientation in full screen mode. I don’t think you need to physically rotate the video. You should be able to just set the rotation attribute in the EXIF metadata as follows:

  • Video: 0= No rotation (not returned); 90 = Rotate 90 CW; 180 = Rotate 180; 270 = Rotate 270 CW;
  • Photo: 0 = Horizontal (normal); 1 = Horizontal (normal); 2 = Mirror horizontal; 3 = Rotate 180; 4 = Mirror vertical; 5 = Mirror horizontal and rotate 270 CW; 6 = Rotate 90 CW; 7 = Mirror horizontal and rotate 90 CW; 8 = Rotate 270 CW

My preference would be a per-camera setting that you tell the camera what orientation it is. Then the camera just sets the metadata in the file accordingly. The clip roll playback view should respect the orientation and rotate the video accordingly (though this should happen automatically if you are using native playback controls).

Here are some examples for my 2 cameras where being

Side Yard (ideally set rotation = 270 ):

Incorrect orientation (portrait shown as landscape):

Correct orientation (with rotation=270):

  • If the orientation was set correctly then the controls would also be rotated. To get above view I have to tilt the phone by 90° and turn my head sideways to view :slight_smile:

Back Yard (ideally set rotation = 90 ):

Incorrect orientation (portrait shown as landscape):

Correct orientation (with rotation=90):

  • Same thing, to get above view I have to rotate the phone 90° and turn my head sideways to view :slight_smile:

GREAT! I asked for the same feature a while back only not as eloquently.
Blink appears to be “warehousing” requests for additional, relatively-simple features (proper EXIF metadata formatting & turning specific cameras on/off, etc.). I would rather see small, incremental, manageable, updates instead of a massive one where things will get broken.

I’d like this option as well.


I’d like this option as well.

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I just stumbled on this thread when I was looking to see if something like this was possible. Both of my cameras are placed in a long narrow area. I have them turned sideways to see more of the area and less of the walls. I would love it if the camera display could be rotated as well so I don’t have to turn my head sideways to view them. Thanks!


After re-reading the thread, I just wanted to clarify based on a post from nick_at_blink. I’m not looking for any hardware or firmware change. All I would like is a setting in the Blink app that would let me view the camera in either portrait or landscape. By rotating the camera itself, I’m getting the recording I like. It is just hard to view on screen because it is sideways. If I rotate the phone, the video rotates with it.

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you should be able to rotate the image by using the app, not by rotating the cam
Blink needs to add this

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I don’t mind rotating the camera. I’d just really like the app to show it correctly instead of sideways. A portrait/landscape setting for each camera would be ideal.


For now there is an easy option…

If you have the App on your PC you’ll know you can view & play around with your settings within the PC App as if your using you mobile device.

If you download/forward your Blink clips via email to yourself, by using Win Movie Maker which is free, you can rotate your video clips by 90° left or right and so view the recorded clips correctly (landscape)

See this and it will show you how it’s done…

This is a temporary work round until Blink updates the software.

Hope this helps everyone :wink:

+1 for this simple feature to be available in the blink app. it would be good to be able to set this option for each camera. so depending on how you have each camera positioned, you can set it for landscape or portrait view.

for me, the biggest reason i ended up needing this option is after finding out that the pir sensor works best when motion is going from side to side. but now i have to tilt my head to look at recordings properly.

i feel the wide view is difficult when you don’t have that many ideal locations for installation to take advantage of it when you also need to think about side to side view.

my example would be the drive way to the garage. most people would assume to place the camera above the garage in the middle and point it down. but then all traffic would be coming towards the camera yet you have the best view since it’s wide angle. the wide angle gets the entire width of the drive way to the garage door and cuts off the road/alley/sidewalk. to take advantage of the pir sensor detecting side to side movement, you need to be able to position the camera at an angle to where the cars or people are traveling side to side. so then the camera needs to be placed further to one side of the garage if you have the spot for it. but then you have the wide angle view to deal with since either the far left/right side of the view will reach into the road/alley/sidewalk and catch everything. or you move it more to cut that part off but half of your view is the garage wall.

the blink xt definitely has a learning curve.


Hey @brj,

I totally understand your points and I think you are right that this could be very beneficial. Thanks for sharing your feedback!


Agreed. Orientation option would be super.

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