Ring Doorbell Please make one soon

let me be the 10,000th person to suggest you make a DOORBELL ASAP I love your product but need the doorbell


I tried Skybell and Ring and they were both terrible , not only in failing to notify / large delay before notification but outright failure to initialize video streaming. It seems like since a doorbell is mounted flush against the wall it makes it a more challenging to design a WIFI antenna that works in those conditions.

I’d be more interested in Bink developing a camera with full duplex audio for front door duty. Right now I’m using Circle 2 by Logitech but stability has been abysmal.



I agree. Would be nice to have this kind of device included in the Blink system.

Agreed. We need Blink to release their own DoorBell Camera with 2-way audio. I doesn’t need to be completely battery operated either.

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I would prefer just unscrewing the existing set up and placing the new one out there without much modification! But ya its high time we need it!

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They would need Amazon video streaming for this to be worth it.

I would be interested in a doorbell. Battery powered would be a key feature as would 2-way audio.

Good catch, whomever caught that. New user, first post, and has the same link the bio.

Glad to know companies use such predatory marketing tactics.


I thought it seemed like a bot, though they’d probably have better language skills.

Annoyingly it was announced at CES in 2018 but I haven’t heard anything recently. Our doorbell is starting to stick and often it doesn’t ring, so I’m actively in the market and would love this since we already have the cameras.

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unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see a doorbell for a while, if at all. I wouldn’t wait much longer.

Having an fully function doorbell and camera on my porch, I’m fine waiting. If it comes out, i’ll probably buy it. If it doesn’t, I won’t until mine craps out.

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For whatever reason I don’t think we’ll see any new hardware any time soon. Just software/app improvements.

Beating a dead horse.

Only time will tell. Who knows what Blink is cooking.

We will likely never see a Blink doorbell since Amazon owns both Blink and Ring, and since Ring has sold so many more units (and subscriptions).

I use a nest doorbell. Seems to work pretty good. Been using it for a year now. No problems.

My buddy has the ring door bell.says he is fed up messing around with it.

Patience is a virtue!
Ring is having a fire sale on it’s doorbell cameras.