Return of Yogi

I haven’t seen Yogi in about a month and a half and was a little concerned about his well-being. However, I had a late night visit from yesterday.


He’s HUGE!

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Winter is over, and yogi is back, but I have to say I am not thrilled with the illumination quality in this capture

Granted there was a little fog overnight, but the picture is really dark compared to previous images.
Seem like this is a know problem? My illumination is set to HIGH

The intensity is dramatically different. If you pause the video above, and compare between the two, the house sidings are nowhere near as brightly lit. Hard to say, but the clarity looks worse too, but that might be a function of the brightness.

In the last year they have made changes to how the IR illuminator works. I believe in response to other users’ complaints about the image being whited out?

Of course if that’s the case, then it could solve some people’s problems but create new ones for others, like what you posted above.