Request: Temporary timed disarm, IE "dog mode"

I would love to see a simple button on the main screen that disables all, or a selected group of, cameras for a predetermined amount of time (preferably adjustable).

Basically I’m tired of being notified 15 times every time I let the dog out the back door. If I disarm the entire system I often forget to rearm it, so a simple 10-15 minute disarm button that reenabled the system after the elapsed time period would be absolutely wonderful.


Hi @Bp_968! We frequently get requests for a similar camera “snooze” type feature for use in instances just like the one you described. I personally think that this is an excellent idea. Thank you for your contribution!


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Great idea Bp_968!
Forgetery is my biggest problem with disarming…As an interim measure for the same issue I’ve setup up multiple daily scheduling to re-arm my cameras at various times of the day (defo late evening) so that just in case I’ve disarmed for something I never go to bed without it being on .

I’ve found that a scheduled re-arm when the camera is already armed doesn’t negatively impact at all it just seems to ignore it.

I guess you could if you wanted to setup a re-arm schedule that will try to re-arm every couple of hours during the day. that way it doesn’t matter when your pooch wants his/her ‘comfort break’ you can disarm at any time and you will be assured the system will re-arm itself at the next schedule if you forget.

Not a perfect solution but it may give you peace of mind.

I would like to see separate scheduling for each camera as i’m often in my rear garden, but don’t want to be disarming my front camera. If i disable the little running man on the back tho I often forget to get him running again


I was about to suggest this same thing!

Not just for the dog but also for loading the truck/groceries. Or in and out of the garage because you are working on a project type of thing.

Personally, I would like a “drop down” menu with choices like 5, 15, 30, 60, 90 minutes because in my opinion anything after 90 should just be disarmed. That way, the user wouldnt have to program anything in terms of their own snooze times but those are all amounts of time that seem reasonable to me for the things we are talking about. YMMV of course.

I personally like to keep my storage really clean. So I delete every video of me walking out to my truck and driving off and driving home, etc. But so as not to waste the batteries and get tons of notifications of course I disarm the system when I know I’ll be triggering it a lot. Of course sure enough the other day I noticed I hadn’t had a notification in a while and realized I had forgotten to turn it back on. A 15 minute snooze while I unloaded bags of sand from the hardware store would have been perfect.

From a U.I. point of view, I think since we already have the option to turn off individual cameras, it would be easiest if the snooze was for the whole system. That’s my belief.

Another option too, what about an “auto arm” time? That way, even if we turn it off because we are having a party or something , we can have peace of mine (piece of mind in my case, as it isn’t what it used to be) that it will turn back on at the time of our choosing like midnight. Maybe people who work opposite schedule prefer the inverse or late nighters want it for 2AM. Totally up to the user. But that way, even if we forget we can know that we won’t get caught with our pants down.

Anyone agree?

Thanks. People have been quite welcoming


You can already set a schedule to repeatedly arm. I arm at 7PM and 12PM. That’s all I have in my schedule. It makes sure that it isn’t left off overnight.

The 7PM takes care of it for most occasions, but if I do go outside and disable it after 7PM, the 12PM one will catch it.

Not perfect, but a reasonable workaround for not having it left off all night.

If it’s armed, it doesn’t care, it still thinks it armed it and sends you a notification of same.

Not a great workaround, but good enough for me. I’d much rather have the real solution, but this does okay.

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This feature is desperately needed. Too often the lawn guy pays a visit (never on a set schedule) and instead of 30 notifications I disarm the camera … then forget to arm it back.
Cleaning staff
Gutter cleaning
Lawn care

A drop down snooze is needed! Please add this simple feature.

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100% agreed with everyone here. I continually turn the camera off, but only mean to have it off for an hour or so, but forget to turn it back on. So dangerous. This is a simple feature that would add a huge increase in security to keep people from accidentally having their cameras disarmed when something bad happens.

I had no idea you could use the schedule to turn the cameras back on at certain times, so thank you very much for posting that interim idea, @Mach13!