Replaced Batteries but Camera Still Won't Power On

I have had my XT camera for just over a year. The camera went offline due to low batteries. I put new Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium 1.5V batteries (the exact same that came with the camera), but the camera will not power on. I have moved the camera inside right next to the module, both within 3 feet of my wifi router, still no power. I have connected a USB to the camera, but still no power. I contacted support, they asked for the serial number in order to check the server logs to see what the issue was. After providing the serial number and telling them what I had already done to trouble shoot, his response was that “It sounds like there’s an issue with that camera.” So they didn’t use the serial number to check the server logs to find the actual cause of the problem. He did however use the serial number to look at how old the camera was so that he could tell me it was past warranty and there was nothing he could do further. Are you kidding me?! These batteries are supposed to last for up to 2 years (I understand batteries won’t last quite that long in high traffic areas), so when the batteries die and the issue is actually found, it’s after the 1 year warranty and they won’t do anything to help you. That is the most backwards customer service I have EVER heard of. I was sold a faulty camera that would not power back on once batteries were replaced. There’s no way to find out the camera is faulty until the batteries die, which conveniently happens after your warranty runs. I will never use this company again. What a disappointment, as I was happy with it until this. So much so that I recommended it to friends on numerous occasions. Well I will make sure that none of them follow through on their purchases.

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Hi Tiffanyyyoung310,

I’ve sent you a PM. I’d like to understand better what happened and get this addressed for you. Not powering on is a very rare event.


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Not powering on failure is what happened to me however camera was about 5 months old. RMA process was a bit of a cluster back then but it’s my understanding that the support ticket process and RMA process has been much improved/streamlined since then. Serial # of camera was 690 272 734 if you care to go back in time and look things up from the past.

Bottom line troubleshooting was:
New batteries = no red light on in the PIR sensor = no power up
Power via micro usb port without batteries = no red light on in the PIR sensor = no power up

But it sounds like the camera died, independent of whether the batteries had fully discharged.

Are you saying that if the batteries had fully run down six months ago, you would have been able to identify there was an issue with the camera while it was still within the warranty period?

The camera died after it’s warranty period was over, by definition that means it’s not faulty. It lasted as long as the warranty said it would.

Same exact thing happened to me. The first time I replaced my batteries the camera would not restart. I contacted customer service and after a few emails back and forth she finally advised “it appears your camera is faulty” but it’s out of warranty and we can give you 10% off if you buy a new one. Why would I ever purchase a new camera that only lasts as long as the first set of batteries? I would recommend each and every Blink user to try and replace their batteries prior to your warranty running out, at least once the camera dies at that point you will get a new one. Very disappointed in these units and will stop recommending them.

Did all, some, or just one of your cameras fail?

Just one, the one that was low on batteries. Once I replaced the camera would not restart. Batteries are new and just in case I checked them.

Hi Fancfre,

I see you’ve contact Technical Support. If the camera is bad we’ll gladly replace under warranty. Feel free to send me a PM with the SN of the suspected bad camera.


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Hi Bob, thanks for the offer but I’ve already been told my camera is no longer under warranty. My issue is, how is someone supposed to know once the batteries die the camera wont restart? The batteries last longer than the cameras.

Dear Blink,
This is an easy one. Offer to take the camera back (pay the shipping). If you can get the camera working, send it back. If not, send another camera. Done. Everyone is happy.


I hear you. It’s a chicken /egg thing and our customers should not have to figure out which one it is. I’m sending a message to correct how we view these items. We’ll want to verify purchase/ownership and if it’s not working but we should and will replace.

Send me a DP with the SN or ticket # we’ll make it right. I also want to capture the camera from you so we can do a FA on it.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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Ok will I’m you

You should delete your post with the camera’s serial #. That’s not something other people on the internet should know. @Bob_at_Blink meant for you to send it to him in a private message.

Bob, I was advised not to put my S/N on here. (good idea) but I can’t respond to you any other way.

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Click on his name in his post.

Discourse, the software that runs this forum (and many others), can be set to restrict PMs for new users. I’m not 100% sure if they’ve implemented that for this forum, but I’m guessing they do based on what you’re seeing.

Thanks marktheknife for being a great guide for our community!

As to the question, it’s wide open, I’m not restricting any engagement/communications. Sometimes people call it DM (Direct Message) or PM (Private Message) I see I called it even something new “DP” of coarse a typo. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


I seem to have a similar problem. Replaced batteries but camera won’t go back online. I have a newer camera that works fine.

I can’t see replacing cameras every few months. Good money after bad.

I am not a rocket scientist, and I do not play one on TV, but if the batteries ran out MONTHS prior to replacing them, I am guessing that the contacts for the batteries inside are coated with acid or crusty phosphate, and the new batteries cannot make proper contact to power up the camera. Were the old batteries leaking at the ends? Were they visibly dead?

It is never a good idea to leave batteries in a device for endless months without checking to see if the batteries are leaking. That battery acid is an electronics killer.

Having exact same no power issue with new Energizer Lithium’s or USB connection. Happened to one of my cameras a few weeks ago. Didn’t think much about it as I have 4 Blink XT cameras and replaced the batteries a few times, and thought it was just a single defective unit. But it now just happened again to another one of my cameras. Anyone have insights or updated info about this rare occurrence?