Removing large quantities of unwanted videos

How can you remove hundreds of unwanted videos quickly?

via the delete all option or via the tap to chose which ones option.

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Thx Joel, I’ve looked in the settings and can’t find a delete all option. Can you give me the pathway to the option?

OK Joel, I followed the proceedure for deleting on Android. After holding the clip roll icon, no delete button appears, infact there is no delete button anywhere as far as I can tell.

Can you figure this out?

(I have an LG30 Android phone.)

Press and hold top video, in the clip roll. After doing so a tick will appear on it, and a select all option. Choose select all, and then untick any you want to save. Next, press the trash can to delete.

That will get rid of hundreds at once.

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Do not press the clip roll icon. You have to chose the actual video clip. Then proceed from there.

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Suttyblink thank you!!!

Joel, so grateful for your help .

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