Remote sensor

As the Cameras are quite easy to remove they have to be quite out of reach. I wonder if a remote sensor might be of use. For example I have one looking at my cars attached to my house. The garage is too low to attach one, but a remote sensor to activate the camera on my house would be very useful


Great idea! I (and a few others) suggested this years ago. It would allow one to place the cam with the desired view and the sensor where it needs to be to trip the cam. I doubt we’ll ever see it happen based on Blinks past performance.


Yes! I would pay for a remote sensor triggering device. Say two or three of them, set at a gate entrance, a shed door and a garage window, all set to trigger a single camera number ###-###-### when activated.

The camera could be placed out of reach, and at a spot where it has the BEST view, but the camera PIR would not be required to trigger it. I WANT THIS!


YES, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. The cameras do not always have the right distance / motion detection cone to start recording. A remote sensor that triggers selected cameras would be perfect.