Remote Pan Tilt base

Does anyone know of a wifi remote controlled battery operated ( like blink) or powered I guess for that matter pan tilt base that could be used with blink?

That’s a good idea but I couldn’t find any battery powered pan tilt bases for cameras with Google search. Here’s a powered one on B&H, don’t know if its outdoor rated. IMO not worth the cost of setting it up or rewiring it. Much easier to keep your Blink and add to your phone another brand app that has PT pan tilt cameras. I’d like to have a PTZ pan tilt zoom camera with about 25x zoom but good ones are pricey and as I said I’d need another app to run it and maybe a monthly subscription. Some cheap generic PTZ cameras on Amazon supposedly run with apps like Guarding Vision, ICSee, etc., but not sure I’d trust their reliability or privacy security. I’d prefer a PTZ camera from better known brands like Reolink or Amcrest using their app with their PTZ.