Red light flashing - cannot add camera

I have two sync modules and six XT cameras total. During the long winter I brought three of those cameras inside because they weren’t useful in the cold and I was worried about them getting damaged.

Today I dusted those three off - fresh batteries - and none of them will get re-added to either sync module.

All three cameras continuously flash the red light (dim flash - not the bright few flashes when you put batteries in for the first time)

When I try to add them to the sync modules, the final error is Error “the camera did not connect to the Blink cloud. Is the camera in range of your Wi-Fi router?”

Yes they are.Three of the six cameras are working without issue (though latest firmware updates have made all the video pixelated and saturated and look potato quality at any setting… they all used to look very crisp… now every video has green and yellow rectangles/blocks, looks like flip phone quality video)

Are my three cameras dead after sitting unpowered? Will they update themselves and work again?

What does the continuous red flashing / blinking mean? Firmware update? Bad camera?

I’ve a similar problem. One of my cameras stopped working lost a firmware update to the sync module. Changed vmbstteties, reset to no avail.

Hope adding a reply will get someone’s attention.

Hi I have the same problem as qq22. I did not understand the solution you give him. Please advise Thanks!

Sorry for the confusion. One of my cameras stopped working post a hardware update. I, coincidentally was adjusting it at the same time. I had to remove the camera from my network, reset it to defaults and then add it back to the network. When I added it back it completed the firmware update. Post that it worked.