Recorded videos are redish- red background

Videos are pinkish/redish so what can i do?

That is your IR ( Night Vision ) looks like the cameras is kicking in the night vision even though there is too much light in the room. Or the IR on that camera is messed up.

That view is missing the IR filter. Seen it loads of times in the forum. That is what daylight looks like, when your sensor is also sensitive to infrared light, which we know Blink cameras are.

The way they correct this, is to slide an IR filter in front of the lens for daytime viewing. Your filter is stuck in the removed position, for night time viewing. The filter has to be removed for night time viewing, because the scene gets illuminated with infrared. If the filter were still in place, it would filter out all your infrared illumination, and the scene would be black. The moving of the filter is the clicking you hear for night time recordings. Clicks at the start, pulling it out of the way, and again at the end, when pushing it back. It doesn’t click during the day, because it just leaves it there. Yours is stuck out of the way.

They get stuck in both positions, in and out of place, from time to time, so we see red daytime scenes like yours, and black night time scenes for the reverse.

If you have tried brand new batteries, which may get it going again, then your camera is faulty and should be reported to support.