RECORD your Serial Numbers!

Okay … so … I set up some Blink cameras waaaaayyyy up on the tops of two workshops. I power them with a “wall wart” AC power supply and a long USB cable. That works fine.

The problem is, I did not record the camera numbers or save the boxes they came in, at the time of installation. My iPhone APP went south, so I deleted it and reinstalled the app.

To my surprise, the APP wants me to re-scan all of the individual camera QR codes to add them. This was a moderate problem for the five cameras I COULD reach, but I was able to climb a ladder, remove the cameras from the external housings, remove the backs and add the cameras again by scanning the QR codes. A total PITA which taught me to RECORD the numbers of all Blink cameras in a NOTE file on my phone, in case they ever need to be entered again manually.

These other four cameras are very high, and difficult to access. So they are plugged in, and working, but they are not added to the sync module any longer. Bummer!

It would be nice if the Blink cameras could keep track of the identity of the particular device that it was once connected to (record the MAC Address?) , so that when the APP needs to be reinstalled, or moved to another phone, the Blink APP could “ping” the cameras and add them back to the APP on the same phone or a new phone, without needing to climb ladders or call that friend with the crane truck to ask for another favor!

Alternately, the Blink APP could perhaps create a secure storage file on the phone that records the serial numbers of all modules and cameras once connected to a particular phone. This file would be protected and NOT deleted when the Blink APP must be deleted and replaced for whatever reason. This serial number file could also be moved to a new phone, and once the Blink app is freshly installed, it would POLL the serial number file and add all of the modules and cameras from the comfort of one’s Laz-y-Boy recliner!

This file could be encrypted, so the casual observer could not get the numbers.


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I have been recommending for years that people make the serial number part of the cams name i.e. Back Door 123-45-678. It has saved me a lot of grief!

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If you reinstall a xamea, the serial number automatically becomes part of the camera name. Of course you need the serial number to initial install when new as well as reinstall.

Regarding new install, your supposed to document as well as bench test your system first. Then go climb the ladder and install for real. Blink fails to tell customers about this extra step.

Thanks for the tip…iam waiting for a good day to put my canera’s up so ill note serial numbers now…as ive renamed them to the area’s of my house they are covering. Shouldve left the numbers on as well. X

I have a NOTE file on my phone. Every module number is there, along with every camera connected to each module. If the Blink app goes down or the phone fails, you either have to manually scan each QR code again, or manually type in the camera and module numbers. I did that ONCE. Now I have all of the numbers stored on my phone.

Right. My cameras are “123-456-789 FRONT DOOR” and so forth.

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