Record ALL motion, allow me to choose notifications

We all need the ability to record on ALL motion but also not be notified. Everyone has scenarios where this comes in useful. I have 2 other systems deployed (at different locations, different reasons) and they all have that feature. If Blink doesn’t change this, I will not be using this system.

Welcome to the forums! It’s a good idea but I doubt you will see it any time soon. It’s been asked for for quite a while. Just out of curiosity (and not being snarky) why didn’t you just buy the systems you already have and that do what you need?

One is a cheap camera system that I use for a certain application, the other is a Ring system which I like but wanted to try something else. I actually meant to get a Nest system because of their speed (much faster than Ring) but got mixed up. Now I have these damn Blink cameras. Hate returning things.

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Mixed up AND bought Blink instead of Nest… Interesting.

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May I misunderstood, but we have only 1 settings in the application, which is the notifications, where you can disable every kind of notification. Am I wrong?

@ring system
Im just sending it back, because of many problem, but the most important, it is always recording video on motion even you disabled the notifications :S So it is really not battery safe.

FWIW, notifications have nothing to do with recording video, That’s controlled by arming and disarming. Doesn’t matter now.