I’m a licensed contractor for over 30 years and as you know professional camera systems are to costly for most home owners, I have been selling some blinks for home owners and am interested in rebranding, as when I advertise people ask the brand and run the other way or buy themselves, I don’t make
Money off the sell I make it off the labor of the install. Is rebranding a possibility for cams and app or do you have any other ideas?

Given that Amazon own the Blink system, it’s unlikely that rebranding will ever be an option.

I wouldn’t rebrand or resell Blink products. Way too many variable performane and reliability experiences documented within.

Remember if you sell it, service it, or worse yet do both, you own it. Warranty claims and warranty service calls would bankrupt you quick.

Your much better off providing teaching, training, consulting services for Blink products and the mobile app.

At best, it’s a low-end monitoring system; not a security system. Read some of the posts on this forum. Do you want these headaches? You’d never make a dime.