Rearm after delay - or snooze motion detection?

I have had instances where we disarm a camera, or the whole system, due to excessive work/motion in the area, then forget to rearm after the work is completed. I’d like to know if there is an option to rearm the camera, or system, after a specified amount of time. Or, something like “Snooze motion detection for x minutes”.

I have not been able to find way to do this natively and I do not think schedules would work here.

If this does not exist, is there a place to make feature requests?

Thank you.

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This has been discussed often in this forum. Send your input directly to Blink.

Over the years, maybe a couple dozen customers before you have asked for this feature within this community forum. Blink never implemented it. Why?

If you do the math, lets say 50 people asked for this feature. 500,000 (half million) cameras have been sold so far. 50/500,000 = .01%. If you were a business, would you blow the money and time to develop a new feature for 0.01% of total sales?

Now you know why Blink doesn’t develop hardly any of the customer wish list items into new products. They sure as heck wouldn’t do it for existing product. And doing it for free…forgetaboutit!