Really ******* cheesed off!

Was getting really cheesed off with one of my three cameras because the batteries appeared run out but not getting any warning. I’m assuming that was the problem because the camera started to work again with new batteries. So I went to the trouble of running a USB cable to it which was ok for the first 24 hours where I had to disconnect and reconnect it because it stopped working. 24 hours later it stops working again, camera is clicking on and off when there’s motion or live view request but no recording takes place. Really sick and tired with this system, there’s too many problems and the intercom is crap too. Wish I’d invested in a proper CCTV system.

It’s what everyone wants. A proper system but at the Blink price.

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Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you might have a defective camera. Contact tech support. Good luck and let us know how you make out.