Readers' Choice Awards 2018: Home Security Systems, Cameras - PCMAG

Just wanted to share these two PCMAG articles on top consumer tech brands and home security cameras! Blink is tied for second for home security! The first article is a detailed look at the home security market, while the second is a broad look at tech brands.

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Well done Blink! :slight_smile:
Something I found interesting:

“When we polled our readers earlier this year about what type of home security equipment they wanted, they told us they were more interested in outdoor and indoor security cameras than an alarm system.”

That’s how I feel too.


About 10 years ago I had a full blown ADT home security system - all sensors with no cameras. It was all wireless and operated via cellular network. The problem was it was analog cell. It only lasted 2 years and then was worthless as all cell networks went digital. Monitoring back then was 30/month. Arm/Disarm was manual via the keypad by the front entry door. Simplisafe is an updated version of ADT.

What I found odd about the PCmag article is they did not mention Arlo or Nest which are obvious competitors to Blink. What I have found in all of the research I have done is all brands work. All brands have issues/problems. All brands have Facebook chatter. All brands have some kind of online community forum. All brands have lovers. All brands have haters. All brands have independent user reviews on YouTube comparing each other.

It’s up to you the prospective buyer to do your own research and go with your brain and your gut when it comes time to do the purchase. For me Blink’s advantages was battery life, price, ease of install. Performance among the comparable brands is close to the same. Yes other brands have more features and more products. They also have a higher price tag. You get what you pay for is oh so true when it comes to these kinds of devices.


Well said and oh so true. A good portion of the complaints on here are from people who didn’t do the proper research before buying. I have to laugh when someone complains how critical a missing feature is for them. If it was so critical, why didn’t you find out first? Rant over.