Range seems much shorter than expected

My router and sync module are a few feet away from each other in my office on the first floor at one side of our house. (UK 1st floor is probably 2nd floor in US?) Moving the year old XT2 camera in the garden more than about 10 metres from the router, with a few walls/floors in between, loses the signal. Trying the module to closer to the camera made no improvement.

Is that the sort of performance others get please?

It seems to be hit & miss, we have 7 cameras, 4 indoor & 3 outdoor.
We eventually installed the sync module & a WiFi range extender in our integral garage & that gives a good WiFi signal to all the cameras.
The range between the cameras & the sync module is greater as it’s a low frequency radio signal (around 900mhz I think without checking) wireless link.

30-80 feet is real world realistic results for wifi range. Building materials affect range big time.

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