Question regarding notifications and scheduling

I purchased the 4th of July deal containing 3 Blnk XT’s, 1 indoor camera, and one sync module which should be arriving this week sometime but I had a few questions regarding usage of the notification system.

I know onve they are setup you can arm/disarm them via scheudle but me and my fiance are work at different times of the day so she’s home when I’m no and vice versa. Can I set the schedule to something like this:

Enabled: 8:30AM - 11:30AM, off until 12:30PM, then back on from 12:30pm - 4:45PM, off until midnight, back on from midnight until 6AM on M, T, W, T, F? Essentially I only want it on and notifying me if were are both not home and at night time during sleeping hours as we’ll be setting it off ourselves walking around the house. Not sure if you can schedule gaps like that through the course of a day.

If that’s not possible, can I leave it armed 24/7 but disable the notifications to my phone as I don’t need to be alerted all the time but I still want the clips stored online? My concern is that if it’s not armed, it’s not capturing the clips to the cloud storage in case something does happen.

You can set up as many arm/disarm commands as you would like on your Blink schedule. The gaps should not cause a problem at all. Also, if you decided to leave the system armed 24/7, you can disable the notifications in your mobile device settings. Once you enter your settings, go into your notifications settings and disable the notifications from the Blink app. This way, your camera will upload all of your clips to the cloud while armed, but not disturb you if you don’t want to know right away.

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Perfect! That’s good to know. Thanks for the fast reply

Hello everyone, If both my wife and I use the mobile app when one of use changes the arm/disarm and notifications does it change for for both of us. I don’t want to get alerts but she does?

Hi @Perry1,

If you are logged into the same account, changing the arm and disarm, no matter what device, would affect the entire system. So it wouldn’t matter which device you changed the arm and disarm settings from.

In terms of notifications, if you turn off notifications within the app for your device that should not effect your wife’s notification settings. However, there is always the option to change the notification settings for the Blink app within your device’s settings rather than within the app.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions!


Is there a way to stop scheduling notifications without stopping all motion alert ones as I dont need to be notified everynight when the system arms and disarms but of course dont want to stop the motion alerts


Yes. There is a setting in the app.