Question re storage

Hi guys im running currently 2x cameras at the front of my house which can be busy, settings are on defaults almost yet im running out of space in less than 2 days :frowning: now i dont want to have less recording time etc and i realise for now local storage etc is not possible but… to stop me going and replacing with more ring products which is worth the price per month for storage I bought another singe camera kit as i was told having a second sync module would double the cloud storage space, however does this mean i have to scan and add it to my account and add a camera to it or can i simple scan it but leave both the cameras connected to the other and get double the space? hope this makes sense lol

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You have to add one of your cams to the new module. Say you have 4 cams on one module and the 5th on a second module then your 4 cams would share the storage (40,000 seconds) but the 5th cam on its own module would have its own 40,000 seconds.

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Thanks I may need to do one per module then as slightly busy at the front of the house, unless i switch my Ring to the front and these to the rear hmmm

Buddy of mine has been buying Sync Modules on Ebay NIB for $10.00 “Scans” them as you say, then stores them in a drawer (unpowered) w/the extra hour of storage added to his cloud account.


have a module coming today so may give that a try thank you :slight_smile:

adding my second sync module did indeed double my storage thankfully, may get one more just so i have enough space, i use my cameras in a busy area and didnt want to switch my ring stuff to the front and these to the back as it would have been a hassle lol

If your storage is filling up that quickly, you are likely killing your batteries too.
Based on the purported battery life,the expected life of the battery is 40,000 seconds, that is about 55 seconds per day over 2 years.

There is a thread here that covers this in more detail (2 Year Battery Life?), but you may want to give considerable thought to relocating your cameras where they won’t be triggering so often.

Bought them to use at the front, there was nothing in the sales or advertising that suggested not using somewhere busy, a little dissapointed in the whole system now

Well, the website does specifically say ‘Blink’s server provides each system storage for up to 7,200 total seconds of video (or 1,440 five-second events). If you reach your storage limit, your oldest alert clips will be overwritten by the newest.’
I have found that the XTs are particularly susceptible to unintentional triggering caused by motion.
I had to play with the sensitivity a lot (and go through a number of batteries) before I was able to prevent tons of alerts.
The interior cameras are a little easier to control, but there are just two many variables outside.

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Might need to look at using a power supply for them, if they do 7 days with many triggers using the two sync modules i could probably live with that, I like the idea of blink but not so much the limitations, worst case scenario i go to using Ring at the front too with the stick up cams

Recently found out that Cloud Storage is limited to five-hours per account (Grrrrr!) irrespective of how many sync modules are activated.

It would probably be a good idea to have the ability to buy more time if needed.

I thought I had by buying the extra sync modules. Turns out there is a SECRET limit of five :frowning:

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I’m new here on the blink forum and have invested in a 3 camera system with 2 modules !
Can someone clarify exactly how much storage I can expect to get on the blink servers with 2 modules and 3 cameras !

Twice as much as one sync module, assuming you utilize both modules.

Hi there Austin
Thanks for the quick response I have 2 cameras on one sync module and one camera in the second module !
So do I get 80,000 seconds of storage ? I’ve no idea how it works thanks for the tolerance to my questions

Each sync module will provide you with room for 7,200 seconds. So you would have 14,400 seconds, if you connected both modules.

Now you don’t have to assign any cameras to that module, but just have it registered to your account.

Yes I have both modules registered ! Basically so I could use separate zones and switch them on and off easily ! Although the new camera I received yesterday gives a clear picture at the right side of the camera and misty on the left side ! So need to monitor that !