Question about Blink Doorbell


I just moved into a new home and we’ve been holding off on buying the Ring doorbell given the Blink doorbell is slated for a 2018 release (our current please has no chime or electrical for a doorbell) It has been some time since we’ve gotten any info. I know you don’t have a release date as of yet, but can you all give any indication such as if itll be closer to Q4 2018 than the end of Q2? I want to wait, but if there’s no announce coming up I’ll probably just go ahead and buy a normal doorbell installation


Hi @HugeChavez420,

While I cannot speak to the specifics of the release date, I can assure you that this developing and releasing the doorbell is our top priority. I will hopefully have an update soon; thanks for your patience!

We are anxiously awaiting the Blink doorbell and like @HugeChavez420 we have seriously considered just going with Ring’s doorbell. Please keep us posted.

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I am researching video doorbells and home security cams and wouldliketopurchase them all withone vendor. Whenare you expectingthedoorbellto be out?

They are not providing any specifics about it. All i get are canned answers that its coming. They wrote in May it was nearing release, that was 4 months ago. Now being the end of Aug, whatever that means, it up to us all.

That’s unfortunate. Not going to buy Blink cameras or ghost doorbell. Sorry Blink. Time for me to move on. Good luck.

Good news people! Check this out and tell me what you read into it.




A lot of people interpreted the long delay and lack of a detailed explanation by Blink to mean that the doorbell was “dead.”

Even though @nick_at_blink essentially posted over and over in several threads that:

So perhaps those who seemed convinced that Blink would never actually release the doorbell will rethink that.

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Just saw that they asked for a dismissal of their application.
@nick_at_blink, are you guys scrapping the doorbell?

@Daniel_A discovered the same this morning… Your post will be deleted in 3, 2, 1 …

Hard to say what that means. Could be that they’re submitting a newer version after they ran into some issues that prevented them from releasing it earlier this year as planned.

But yeah, not exactly encouraging…

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The Blink Doorbell is gone from the website… Great …


Do we have an update to this yet?

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Buy the Ring doorbell and put 1 more new app on your phone. No big deal.

Or save money, get your butt off the chair/couch and answer the door like we have all been doing for the last 100 years.

Wait a minute, I need to take another Pamprin because my batteries didn’t last two years. I love customer forums. Non stop entertainment I tell ya!

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