Protection case DIY for xt2 cameras

I have two cameras mounted fairly low on my house, one at front door and one overlooking the driveway. They are only 7-8 ft high so they can be snatched and destroyed or stolen. So I bought 2 plastic electrical junction boxes, they are tough plastic and measures 4x4x2 inches. I cut the outside mount tabs and drill holes I side for lag bolts and wire for my hard wire electric source. I then cut a small opening big enough for the camera and IR on the lid. I use double sided 3m to mount camera on the inside of lid and cut some packing foam to back the inside of the box to keep everything snug. Then I bolted the box to the house first use washers to angle the box as much as you want. You can use large bolts or large plastic washers or drilled peices of wood to add space on upper bolts to angle the box if you wish. See picture of finished mounted cameras…


Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing. Looks like a nice neat and relatively secure installation.

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Hi I. Enjoyed your project and am looking to make something similar. How are they holding up?

They are still working just great, rain or shine, cold or hot weather, and most of all because they are tough it deters unwanted theives from getting close.

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