I was looking to suggest an update that creates a pre-record feature. The Norton detecting works good, but sometimes the activity is halfway through the view when recording starts. I would ask for a pre-record feature.

When a motion event triggers recording, the previous 3-5 seconds are included in the recording. You should be able to turn this feature on and off in settings as well as set the pre-record length to your own desire.

Hope we see this in the near future. Thank you.


If the battery powered cameras are sleeping, how the hell do you include the previous 3-5 seconds? You don’t and you can’t. Camera sleeping is one of the methods used to give Blink the much longer battery live compared to it’s competition. Blink claims instant on with motion detect. But we all know instant is subjective to interpretation. Kind of like live view is not really live as it has a 1-3 second delay

Now that you know camera has to go through motion detect, wake up, process, record clip, etc…Getting the beginning part of the video you want has lots to do with camera positioning and path of item trying to be detected.

Study this.

Good information, thank you.

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More for you from the support website. That website is the owner’s manual.

That is a great idea, I have the same problem with my front of house camera. My husband is a fast walker and everytime it catches him its just 1 big blur. Thanks for the suggestion. Great idea!