Powery supply and rechargeable batteries to use XT2

Hello, I have the following plans.
I would like to operate the camera with a power pack and want to use rechargeable batteries as a buffer in the event of a power failure - is this possible.

I mean, when voltage is supplied via the appropriate power supply in the camera, the inserted rechargeable batteries are also charged - is there an automatic charger built into the camera?
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There is no charger built into the camera. It is fine to provide power via the USB port, and allow the internal, standard, lithium batteries to serve as backup. If you normally have power, the batteries will not be significantly drained, and will last a long time, only serving to provide cover when the external power is lost.

Consider that if you mean you lose utility power, you also lose power to your router, and to the sync module, rendering the system useless. If you want suitable backup, for power failure, you need to provide both the sync module(s) and the router with a form of backup power too.

It’s all in their FAQ.


Ok, I’ve already thought of that - and it will indeed be difficult - so it would be nice if the cameras also had a slot for SD cards. Thank you for your prompt reply

The NEW cameras are capable with the new Sync module of local storage via a usb thumb drive plugged into the sync module. It might be possible to keep a battery back up on the sync and record locally during power outage. I’m not sure.

I know the current sync module keeps the constant wifi connection and uses radio frequency to communicate with the XT2 cams for settings. Then when triggered the XT2 cam wakes up records and uses a short burst to upload the video clip. Weather it goes through the sync module cams wifi and uploads or the camera itself connects to that wifi then uploads I am unsure of.

If you want on board memory aka local storage AND external power to recharge batteries…why buy Blink if the first place. You would have been much better off buying POE or Wireless IP camera system.

I have a sneaking suspicion that local storage will not quite be so local. Clearly it isn’t local to the camera, in the way that some devices offer. That means, for sure, the sync module has to operate, as you already indicated, but, I’m almost certain, that it’s going to be stored to that local storage by having first been routed through the Blink servers. There are a bunch of things that point to this, but only Blink will know for sure. If I had one, I could soon find out, but I don’t, and I won’t be getting one any time soon, unless I get lucky enough to be given one of the new systems.

If I’m right, it will mean that everything has to operate, just as it did before, and it offers nothing in terms of a fall back solution, which is what many had hoped for/requested in the past, and is what the OP here was looking for with the comment in the third post.

No, I don’t think the batteries recharge; one would have to recharge with a lithium battery re-charger. I started thinking about the battery issue: I don’t really need a “covert” placement for the camera versus the “overt”–everyone can see it. So I went ahead and purchased the power cord that is plenty long to reach an outside outlet.

And I am not sure if you can leave the batteries in with the power cord. The cord hasn’t come yet.

It would be ideal to have the camera run off the power cord and be able to leave the batteries in for backup. I’ll have to see.

Problem, if the electric goes down, the camera will still work–but the WiFi goes down with the Internet.

Not really an ideal setup. Even with an uninterruptible power supply unit such as APC, if the ISP server goes down–end of recording, I think.

It’s all in the FAQ I linked, apart from what happens if your ISP goes down, but I should think that’s rather clear.

Just posting this here for anyone coming across this and curious about the local storage. Local storage is used when you do not have a subscription plan. You can record directly to local storage without the subscription. However, only motion alerts are recorded. You can’t save live views to local storage directly.

If you have a subscription, all of your recordings are stored to the cloud as usual, and once a day, your sync module will connect to the server and download a local backup of all the videos recorded since the previous backup. This includes live views, if you have live view saving enabled.

It’s a goofy system for sure, but that’s how it works.

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How local storage works…
Sync module 2
USB thumb drives
Cameras supported and not supported
Subscription details with a nice chart on what you do and don’t get

All detailed here>>>>>>>>>> https://support.blinkforhome.com/
That’s the official support page aka the owner’s manual. Use the search feature like google to find topics of interest.