Power supply for sync module

I am trying to place a sync module in a structure that does not have electricity. Is there a way to solar power a sync module in order to be able to place a camera. Are there any ideas?

Yup. Do you have a solution for wifi for sync and cameras and access to the internet?

I do. The wifi is not a problem. I just need to find an affordable power source for this outdoor structure.

The sync module is my issue. If I could get power to it I could monitor this structure.

There are many posts on solar solutions for blink in this forum. Take a peek!

I’m curious, if WiFi is not an issue at this location, how are you powering the WiFi? If you can power that, surely you can power the sync module?

I ask because I have an off grid location, and I had to make special provision to power both the WiFi router and the sync module from a 12V battery array, with DC/DC converters, bringing it down to the required 5V.

I have the wifi at the primary residents and have a barn 510 feet from the house that I need to put a camera on. The barn does not have power. Blink says you cannot expand the sync module distance so trying to find an affordable way to power the sync module at the barn without have to run electricity to it.

Are you depending on the sync module and camera (reliably) connecting to wifi that’s 510’ away? Good luck with that.

Max distance is 100 feet from router, and that is under absolute best circumstances. From what you describe, it will not work.

Actually have extended the wifi to cover the whole property so luck is mine. Now if I can just get the ability to solar panel and convert to the voltage needed for the sync module I will be set up.

The cameras have actually surprised me. My two farthest cameras are working very well… one at 138 feet and another at 127 feet. Thank for your help with this. I will continue to research.

Not sure how many watts the sync module requires, ;but it can’t be much. You could try a solar panel connected to a 12v battery and then an inverter connected to the battery supplying power to the ac adapter plugged into the sync module. Not really efficient, but it would probably work. A 100 watt inverter might be all you need.

Blink spec is 5v, 1A

Thank you so much for your possible solution

I got 2 x solar panels (sold as a set) which include a built-in battery that plug into blink cameras, on ebay. I think I’ve had them a full year with no problem.