Power adapter requirements?

What are the power adapter requirements (5V but what amps?) for the Blink and Blink XT cameras?

1 amp.

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I have Cat5e already installed from prior home owner and was considering plugging in the Blink Camera, but I need to get power (right now the wires just go from the wall into a closet in the basement - just the wire, nothing on the ends.

Could I use this travel charger, cut the cord midway and wire each end up to the Cat5e to get proper power to where the camera is? There is no outlet by the Blink camera, so using the plug as is isn’t an option.

Hi @SharkLazers,

If you can find out the correct corresponding wires, than you can use them to pass 5V current at 1AMP. I have seen this done from personal experience in my corporate office for a Cisco webcam which did not have a power adapter attached.
1 end at the camera side needs to be Micro-USB.
Other end in your basement most likely should be connect by the regular USB 2.0 male cable to a cellphone charging brick.

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I’m thinking of using power from my porch lights that are only on at night. If I leave the batteries installed, will the camera automatically switch from battery to ac power, and visa versa?

Blink has it’s own support section as well as FAQ’s on their website. It is separate from this community support forum. Link below is what you are looking for.


Can I use a 2.4 amp power adapter? I read the XT2 camera will only draw 1 amp from a 2.4 amp adpater. Just making sure the adapter wont burn up the camera. Thanks.

The camera will draw only what it needs, which will remain at less than 1A, since their minimum requirement is for a 1A supply. As it happens it will draw around 600mA max, during normal night operation, and close to 1A during boot up, i.e. initial power on.

Your 2.4A supply will present no issues, as long as it is working properly, and providing an accurate 5V, as I’m sure it will be.
EDIT: Actually, I don’t know the values for an XT2, only for the XT, but it will be similar or less for the XT2, because we know battery life is longer.