Positioning XT2

Did I position my XT2 too high?

Are you trying to detect vehicles in the street and the houses across the street?

I’m only interested in detecting who is in my driveway or the walkway up to the front door. Sensitivity is set at 4. I’ve also tweaked Activity Zones.

Currently it seems as if nothing is detected until someone is halfway to my front door.

What is the recommended distance range for motion detector?

Why do you ask that ? Is my positioning way off?

What setup manuals did you read?

I did which is why I’m here. A typical homeowner has to point towards the street and sidewalk if the camera is mounted on the front of their home. Where else would I mount it?

100 feet it says.

That is distance for wifi signal not motion detector. And that 100 feet is UP TO not recommended distance.

Motion detection is about 20 feet per Blink tech specs.

Give me a link to what owners setup/manual you read. I’m asking because what I read 2 years ago when I setup my system vs. what is available now, is two different things.

It is all a personal choice. I like the height you mounted at however I personally would use the left edge of the image lined up with road as not to get ever vehicle on the road. I want to see from edge of my road in to my front door. I have my image set so I can see my front step in that a package was left. And I can see if a package is taken by someone. Just my .02 … That is my personal preference…

But how would I accomplish that ? I mounted it on the corner of my home and it’s tilted as far as it can go from that angle. I wasn’t sure if I mounted it too high or not. The previous person said why do I have it pointed towards the street and sidewalk, well I have nowhere else to mount it I guess is my point.

Let me ask this. How doesn’t it detect someone in my driveway, but it detects a car on the road? I’m tweaking activity zones still…but as far as range goes how is that possible?

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Because it’s NOT a motion detector. It’s a PIR sensor. PIR sensors detect the reflection of infrared heat. Car has a hell of lot more than a human body.

When I asked what manual/setup literature did you read, provide me the link, etc. You didn’t do that. I asked because it appears to me that Blink has changed their support website. It has lots of good info but the detailed setup and technical info has been removed. Blink has decided to change it to keep it simple.

Have you seen this camera mount setup pics before?

So in my scenario is the camera angle and height as good as it gets?

I’m debating going this route vs going with a Nest Cam outdoor.

In all honestly, I would mount the camera to your yard light pole and shoot it up the driveway as a test. Or lower the angle of how it is mounted now. There is no reason to have it pointed up as high as you do. The road and houses across the street should NOT be in the field of view. You also have a distance problem for the PIR sensor. The pic I posted shows 5 to 20 feet. That 100 foot thing in your head was just plain wrong. Yes it will detect things further away but not consistently.

You are the installer of your own security system. You have to test it, tweak it, and determine if it fits your needs or not. If not, Blink has the 30 day return policy. Also realize this community forum is NOT customer support. Rather it is customers trying to help out other customers.

How would I mount it to the pole? Sticky tape? That’s not too secure. Also, pointing towards the house I mean doesn’t that defeat the purpose of catching someone in the act especially if they park their car nearby? I’ll try it, but I rarely see anyone pointing the camera towards their house. Plus it’s not protected from weather that way. It’s out in the open.

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Gotcha so that’s how this operation works hey.

I get this a lot with mine. I can pull my vehicle out of my garage and go past another camera on my driveway and sometimes one camera might pick it up but both usually don’t. I can also, most of the time, be almost two blocks away before I get a notification. Messed with every setting there is, changed batteries, moved camera location and had one camera replaced by Blink. Its a great system to check my backyard for skunks and critters before I let my dog out at night for potty breaks! But I am glad I kept my old discontinued DLink wifi cameras for almost immediate notifications and detections.