Caught after midnight in the basement. Boiler for heat, so no moving air. Strange… Any ideas?

Hopefully this works, thanks for the instructions.

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I don’t see anything. What am I looking for?

Nor do I.

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Sorry, I’ve obviously made an error in trying to upload the video. When I tried to upload it said it wouldn’t accept it because it’s in MP4 format. Which I found odd, since that’s the way Blink created it. So I created a link to Google photos which apparently isn’t working. I’ll have to look into how to post a video.

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Upload to you tube.
Copy the link.
Post link here.

No poltergeist there. That’s quite simply super fine dust in the air. What triggered the camera to record in the first place, no clue, it happens from time to time. A spider could have walked across the PIR sensor. Thereafter, once recording, the infrared illuminator, which is super bright, picks up every tiny mote of dust in the air, and reflects the light back to the camera sensor.

As for no moving air, it is, it was, it’s crystal clear to see. No way your basement is hermetically sealed. Probably even has designed air vents for the purpose of stopping damp. Even if it were, there will be thermal currents all the time as air convects from one place to another. No way the whole of your basement is exactly the same temperature.

Looks entirely normal to me.

Thanks for the explanation, it probably is as you explain. I realize there are subtle air currents, it’s just seems odd that I’ve never seen it before over several months. I’ve also never seen it before with live view. There is a cat litter box 6 feet away out of view, perhaps the fur ball is somehow blame. :}

also could be water droplets. Try your IR, in a dark bathroom right after running a hot shower for a while. Looks the same. I believe those to be water drops. Like a mist. Could be dust as well. But my money is on mist.