Please please...when

When the hec will we be able to get sync module 2 in the UK.
I’ve been waiting an eternity for it to be available.
On the brighter side,over 3 years, I can’t really fault these little cameras, 10 cameras later, all perfect internally and externally.
No problems eiether accessing them remotely via 4 G in the woods!!
The only thing missing is a timestamp on a triggered camera apart from that very :blush: happy.

You’ve lost me. I got a sync module 2 many months ago, with my UK purchase. Sync module 2 is all that is ever supplied with the new outdoor camera, so when that came out in the UK, sync module 2 came with it.

Timestamp is in the filename rather than watermark. Email a video clip to yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Video clips from mobile devices are used in court cases all over the world. Most of those evidence clips do not have watermark. In todays world of forensics, the file itself has more info than a watermark. Study up on “metadata” and you’ll learn something new.