Please, please, please! How to get my money back?

I am a huge Amazon fan, hence my decision to purchase the Blink camera system over any others. This is the first time I have been disappointed with both the product and the service.

Original module disconnected 14 times in 59 days, mostly when I wasn’t home and re-connection required a hard reset of router and module.

1st replacement module disconnected 10 times in 31 days.

2nd replacement module (used module) disconnected 6 times in 17 days.

My router only operates on 2.4Ghz
Even if I had power outages - ALL of my other devices reconnect automatically
Even if my router got disconnected - ALL of my other devices reconnect automatically
IF there is a device conflict issue - then it is ONLY causing an issue with the Blink module

Has anyone had success in getting a refund? If so please enlighten me regarding the process you followed.
And have you got any suggestions for a better system?


Contact support by phone. Explain your situation. They are very flexible…

Initiate a return with Amazon for your money back.

Just don’t leave a bad review on Amazon, they refuse to let it post.