PLEASE make these accessories

I travel with my Blink cameras (and a large pack of AA batteries!) I need a few accessories that do not currently exist.

    • We need an external motion detector that can trigger a nearby Blink camera remotely.

Blink cameras placed INSIDE of my vehicle and looking through the glass windows to the outside are not triggered by movement, but they CAN see someone plow into the side of my vehicle, or attempt to break in, or take something from my truck bed, or catch a license plate, etc. A battery operated EXTERNAL motion detector that triggers the camera(s) inside of a vehicle (or motel room window) can be placed on a fence or hung from a tree limb, or adhered to the vehicle’s glass windows or mirrors, or attached to a vehicle via a strong magnet, while the more expensive camera(s) remain locked safely INSIDE.

Alternately, a strong plastic housing to securely hold a Blink camera on the OUTSIDE of a vehicle when the housing is closed in the door or slipped over the top of a glass window so the camera is outside, but difficult to steal.

    • We need a housing that can slide over the top of the hotel room door and SECURELY hold a Blink camera that looks straight down to the area in front of the door.

Alternately, it could slip over the side of the door over the lock and be made so it would not slip down on its own, or be able to be removed while the door is CLOSED. The camera would be angled to view the person standing directly in front of the door.

In a hotel, YOU might have just checked in today, but “Bubba” is outside of your door waiting to assault “Cooter” who was in that room LAST NIGHT with Bubba’s wife or daughter. Bubba doesn’t know Cooter, and he doesn’t know what Cooter looks like. Bubba did not bother to stop at the desk to ask if Cooter is still checked into YOUR ROOM. All Bubba knows is that he wants to kill the guy in Room 13 at the local motel! Bubba is NOT going to politely ask you for your I.D. He is just going to attack whoever opens the door of Room 13. Been there, done that!

    • A 12vdc to 5vdc power source for cameras mounted inside or outside of vehicles. Either using a cigarette lighter plug or a USB plug or even hard wired into the car’s electrical system via an “always on” power source.

I will buy ALL THREE of these!


What would supply the wifi to the sync module :roll_eyes:

It’s all in the details.

With all due respect to the OP, this is hilarious! I’d be happy with a soft reset feature in the app.

If I wanted any of those three, I would make them myself, because I would know there there is no way they will ever be produced by Blink. The volume for any, or all three of these, would be tiny.

  1. It might be possible with a mod to the camera, putting the sensor on the end of some cable. Without taking one apart again, I couldn’t say, but I would be prepared to sacrifice one whilst trying to do it, if it looked even remotely possible after opening it up and I wanted it badly enough.

  2. Fashion your own bracket, that slips over the window, and clamps down hard on all four sides of the camera body out of some steel and bolts. Might not look pretty, but it would be effective.

  3. Surely, cigarette lighter to micro USB, 12V to 5V is already readily available from Amazon, or similar.

Or similar.

Always on, just get 12V to USB panel mount. Mount on your car in an accessible position, inside or out, however you want it, and then use a standard lead.

When I am parked at a hotel or motel, my vehicle is usually outside in the parking lot and viewable from my hotel window. The wifi device and hub are in my room and working for the camera(s) in the room, and any camera(s) mounted to my truck’s exterior also work with the APP.

Right now there is ONE camera that watches the truck bed and tool box. I would like to add one or two more cameras to my truck, sitting INSIDE of the cab. If someone breaks a window or opens a door, I will assume the motion detector would work once the glass barrier was no longer an issue.

I’d love to say I have total faith in humanity, but the cold hard truth of life is, I often have to park my truck and trailer in areas where I would rather sit on the roof with a large cup of coffee, a good rifle and a scope … than go to sleep and HOPE no one broke into it while I slept.

The cockroaches really DO come out at night.

I am glad you are entertained. I am NOT entertained when I open a hotel room door to see BUBBA standing there with a pistol in my face. I don’t always stay in luxury Inns and Suites.

Frankly, I think all hotels and motels should have something like this installed on their doors…

If it were me, I’d sleep in my truck.

@joejones You might want to consider trying Wyze for this application. It works through windows, records 24/7 with micro SD and also has a kit called Wyze Sense which consists of. Compact contact sensors and a compact motion sensor.

The contract sensors could go inside the toolbox. The motion sensor isn’t rated for outdoor use though I have seen people 3d print little covers for them. Anyways the sensors send alerts when triggered.

It records to the SD card without internet but you wouldn’t get alerts obviously so you’d need to figure out that part. No sync module needed for Wyze Cams.