PLEASE, implement louder notification options on iOS

This is not an “iPhOnE iSsUe” (while admittedly, the iOS notification system is far, far inferior to android), the issue is that we want options within the app to change the notification sound (and make it louder). So many apps have this feature, you’d think a home security camera (especially one owned by Amazon) would have the ability to, ya know, have a notification that might be loud enough to hear at night.

Yeah you can use some garbage implementation of IFTT, but seriously - Blink isn’t a brand new startup, certainly your app developers can invest a couple hours at this point and give us the option we’ve been asking for, for literally years.

Louder alert notifications.

Please and thank you.

(yes, there are many threads already about this, but creating another one, because the feature is STILL missing)

I bought this to be notified at night when someone is messing with our vehicles in our back driveway. I will never hear the notification sound at night. Please add a loud sound like RING has.

I just talked to tech support and the technician immediately and repeatedly blamed this problem with iPhone users on Apple Company and it’s iOS software. I noticed that this problem has been going on with users “for many years!” I don’t think there are any real plans to ever fix this problem. I think this is possibly “false advertising” not to mention in the description that the notification alert actually doesn’t work for people with iPhones, only for android users. I didn’t think a company in this day and age would outright ignore sincere pleas for so many years from so many customers to fix this problem and “still try to sell this” product without some type of disclaimer for iOS users. What type of company sells “security” cameras but doesn’t quickly address a major “security” flaw in the product for iPhone users? Please add a note online on the Amazon website that the notification alert only has sound options for Android users. Have true transparency for your customers. Every second, every minute counts when someone’s safety and security is breached. Show that you care about the safety of your customers (not just making profits at the customers’ expense). Either fix the problem quickly or put a disclaimer in your product description. It could save a life.

I don’t follow. Isn’t volume controlled by iOS and hardware? How would Blink override this?

Ik moet u volledig gelijk geven .het kan toch niet onmogelijk zijn om een paar ander geluiden op de app toe te voegen

For example, The Ring Doorbell app can be loaded unto an iPhone with many sound options and with sounds that are much louder. You can be woken out of your sleep using the Ring Doorbell app!