PLEASE, implement louder notification options on iOS

This is not an “iPhOnE iSsUe” (while admittedly, the iOS notification system is far, far inferior to android), the issue is that we want options within the app to change the notification sound (and make it louder). So many apps have this feature, you’d think a home security camera (especially one owned by Amazon) would have the ability to, ya know, have a notification that might be loud enough to hear at night.

Yeah you can use some garbage implementation of IFTT, but seriously - Blink isn’t a brand new startup, certainly your app developers can invest a couple hours at this point and give us the option we’ve been asking for, for literally years.

Louder alert notifications.

Please and thank you.

(yes, there are many threads already about this, but creating another one, because the feature is STILL missing)

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I bought this to be notified at night when someone is messing with our vehicles in our back driveway. I will never hear the notification sound at night. Please add a loud sound like RING has.


I just talked to tech support and the technician immediately and repeatedly blamed this problem with iPhone users on Apple Company and it’s iOS software. I noticed that this problem has been going on with users “for many years!” I don’t think there are any real plans to ever fix this problem. I think this is possibly “false advertising” not to mention in the description that the notification alert actually doesn’t work for people with iPhones, only for android users. I didn’t think a company in this day and age would outright ignore sincere pleas for so many years from so many customers to fix this problem and “still try to sell this” product without some type of disclaimer for iOS users. What type of company sells “security” cameras but doesn’t quickly address a major “security” flaw in the product for iPhone users? Please add a note online on the Amazon website that the notification alert only has sound options for Android users. Have true transparency for your customers. Every second, every minute counts when someone’s safety and security is breached. Show that you care about the safety of your customers (not just making profits at the customers’ expense). Either fix the problem quickly or put a disclaimer in your product description. It could save a life.

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I don’t follow. Isn’t volume controlled by iOS and hardware? How would Blink override this?

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Ik moet u volledig gelijk geven .het kan toch niet onmogelijk zijn om een paar ander geluiden op de app toe te voegen

For example, The Ring Doorbell app can be loaded unto an iPhone with many sound options and with sounds that are much louder. You can be woken out of your sleep using the Ring Doorbell app!

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Yes, very disappointing that the motion detection alert cannot be adjusted. Has there been any activity in this regard? This is the main reason for purchasing but it isn’t loud enough to wake you. So disappointing.

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The notification volume is a function of your device’s volume setting.

Having a separate notification tone is a different beast.

Yes, the iOS notification levels are somewhat global, HOWEVER - apps such as Ring do let you change the tone, as well as the max volume of that tone.

So you can set the Ring doorbell to have a very loud (and obnoxious as you want) tone that will wake the dead, while my Blink Cameras still give the most pathetic of chimes. So if the Ring app can do it, why can’t the Blink app do it? It’s super simple, and nobody knows why Blink refuses to do it.

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Product differentiation. If Blink looked like Ring, nobody would buy Ring. Lots of posts here that say “…but Ring has…”

This is Marketing 101.

Lol, I think you need to re-take Marketing 101 - but more likely, go ahead and choose a different major.

The lack of offering different alert tones and volumes is not market differentiation, it is simply lazy / cheap app development. The fact that this hasn’t been updated after hundreds of requests spanning years, is poor customer support.

In the age of vehicles with cruise control - if a new car came out and didn’t have cruise control, I sure hope you wouldn’t say “Well, it’s because this car has product differentiation. Marketing 101, bro.” That’s laughable.

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Not sure about iPhone but in Samsung you can select and even record from various sound clips you find on the internet loud “alarms” and then use those in notifications, which you can also change in the operating system on a Samsung. I downloaded a 3rd party app and used the Red alert sound from Star Trek. Will wake the dead. Good luck with iPhone, as unfortunately I cannot help with that system… This IS NOT a Blink issue.

Lol, there is no reality where “This IS NOT a Blink issue.” Since other iOS apps can do it, Blink can do it. The amount of people defending lazy app development is wild. Hope Blink is paying you well (which I’m sure they’re not, so it makes it even more confusing).

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Yes, I can’t believe I can’t get a text or automated phone message.

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I agree 100%. I have 4 Blink cameras at one house and one Ring at another. I am at the turning point where I am going to decide which system to stick with and expand. If I can’t hear it it’s useless unless I am right on top of my phone.

Have you checked your phone settings to be sure your notification volumes are all the way up? My android phone has a master volume for ringtone, pull it down and it also shows separate volume controls for media (music) and notifications.

The following requires some effort, but may help those with hearing loss. Get a small MP3 music player. Use the phone earbud jack and get a chord to plug the phone into the player. The player has volume controls to make whatever the phone is sounding louder. A person can also plug a phone into the auxiliary input jack of a stereo system to do the same thing. Of course this is inconvenient, but it could work at least at night when you are sleeping, the alert would be much louder to hear.

As far as Blink versus Ring, both are owned by Amazon. Amazon does more upgrades and options for Ring. I think Ring is better and more reliable but you’ll have to pay subscription fees for full functionality. You might watch YouTube videos of brand comparisons before you choose. Some prefer other brands like Amcrest, Lorex, Reolink, Eufy, Arlo, etc. I like LifeHackster and Steve Does YouTube channels for reviews. All brands have pros and cons. More brands are going to higher resolution 3MP to 5MP, 4K and human vehicle motion detection. Blink’s system is basic, an okay starter system, still just 1080 HD and no human vehicle detection.